Aurora – JYB (Rusty Hook Flip)

So I’m back at it again with another song from my mixtape thats going to drop March 30th entitled Trials and Tribulations. This is the 3rd and final single I plan on dropping until the initial release. I got some good music on the way so enjoy this song.

*Heres a little back story, I hit up Rusty Hook, (The dude that made the beat) and asked if I could throw some lyrics on top of his song. He gave me the go ahead and I did so. This all wouldn’t have happened if my homie Daimont didn’t tell me that I should try rapping on the beat. Thanks to these two folks, I have a banging new song and something to get the new year going with!

2015 [We Made It]

Welp, we made it guys. With today being the first Monday of the year, I would like to say that the transition was splendid. I got to spend new years with some good friends and to top it all off, we had a good time. Now that all the partying is over until the super bowl and someone calls me up to hit the club, I need to do a little cleaning up. First I’m gonna start with my room because that mothafucka is a disaster. Next I’ll be moving on over to making a list of books that I want to read this year. I already know for a fact that I want to read Plato’s Republic. If Neil Tyson Degrasse has a book best believe I’ll be purchasing that. If you know of anything I should buy than drop a title in the comments. From the start, I feel that 2015 is going to be a good year. I just feel it deep down in my bones. After watching a video by one of my favorite YouTubers, Infinite Waters, I’ve set a theme for this year. This year will be the year of Prosperity. As I look at the previous year, I planted a lot of seeds that I’ve watered and showed love to. 2015 is the year that I will watch those flowers blossom and let my dreams rescue me.

So what am I exactly talking about? Well first I skateboard if you already don’t know, so expect too see a video part from me at the end of this year. The video will be so banging that I’m going to get a little buzz off of it. In addition to a skate video, I got my rap career going good. I’ve met one of Louisville’s dopest underground artist and recorded my first single off my up and coming mixtape “Trials & Tribulations.” Also I’ve become friends with a producer who is totally down to work on my album that I want to drop in 2015. You guys really aren’t ready for whats on the way! Trials & Tribulations will be release March 30th and when June roles around my next mixtape which I’m concealing the came for now, will be on the way!

To put it all out there, 2015 will be the year you all see ADS SQUAD go big and show everybody that these southern boys got Skateboard skills and are lyrically inclined. I can’t wait, I really can’t!

January 5th

Today marks an entire month since I’ve been rolling through the world solo. Is it bad that I am still keeping count of how long ago its been? It sucks badly and for some strange reason I just can’t kick these emotions out of me. I know you guys read my last post about what happened, so I shouldn’t have to bring back that horrifying story. To ease my mental all I’ve done is sit down and write songs. No I don not sing, I rap. Its really helped me a lot…ya know, coping with the pain and what not. The one question that is still bothering me is Why? I’ve never felt this way about someone before and its like my life has crumbled. I can’t complain to much though because if this hadn’t have happened I would have never known how much my friends REALLY do care for me. I used to be on that whole, FUCK THE WORLD type shit but now-a-days, I’m more of the “Chillen in Abundance, Love Yours” type mood. I’m just plain out having mixed emotions and these days I’ve seen my best… but I’ve also seen my worst. I still have a side that really cares for this woman that left me sitting in the dumps, but my pride won’t let me go run back and “Save Her.” To be even more honest, I’m not sure if this is love or lust, but whatever it is I hate the shit. I think its time for me to start listening to my dad more and get into this Buddhist philosophy so I can control these demons inside of me. Currently everything is out of whack and I gotta get it under control.

This damn nicotine that I keep breathing has to stop, this damn mourning of this damn woman I fell in love with has to stop, and everything else that I keep letting in my mind needs to stop. On a side note, I wrote a song about my feelings. The instrumental I wrote the verse over is by Kendrick Lamar, Sing About Me. I really let lose on that song and just put everything out in there air for people to hear me. I’ve been contemplating on sending the song to her… she hit me up on Christmas eve talking about she missed me and what not. I responded back saying I don’t have any words…but now with this song I have all the words in the world to tell her. So I guess I’ll send it to her, what do you guys think?

ps. I wrote another song too that I happened to record first about my break up. Here it is!


I thought I had someone man…I really did. She was everything I ever asked for when it come to having a woman in my life. The reality if everything is that somebody that is obviously better than me has stepped in and has taken the role of what I was…I was her’s, she was mine. We were one. Together in happiness we resided and now she’s gone. I just wonder who this person is that hurt my soul and took the lady that I had strong feelings for because he’s turned my life up side down and it hurt man…it hurts. I guess whatever we had wasn’t real.

My Thoughts About Ferguson

I’m not gonna stand up for black people in this Ferguson situation due to the fact that the only time black people want to come together is when something good or bad has happened to one black person.

Example: Barack Obama runs for office, EVERY black person stands up and supports him because he’s black and they want him to become the first black president. A lot of black people couldn’t cote because they’re convicted felons but they stood behind this man all the way until he got into office. Then what? Us black folk forgot and went right back to doing the same shit; destroying ourselves.

Example 2: Treyvon Martin gets shot by a Mexican. Black people all come together again to protest. For what? Because someone of another race shot and killed a black kid? Yes the situation was fucked up but the only reason why black folk got together was because the boy was black and they figured it was a racial issue.

Example 3: Michael Brown gets shot by a white cop. Black people go into an uproar. The reason this time? Because a white cop shot Mike Brown six times because he rushed him. What do us black people see? Another reason we should get together and destroy shit to show America we’re tired of these “racial issues.”

Ummm pause.

Why in the hell is it that we feel the need to come together to support one black person that fatally got shot but we can’t get together to uplift our damn people. Why can’t we stop violence in the hood, inspire young blacks that basketball isn’t life. Why can’t we bring education to the streets and teach people how to succeed in life? Black people don’t got the mentality. We’re brainwashed to think that when it benefits one of our kind, we need to stand up for them because they’re going to reach back out and help us. It doesn’t work like that and the day black people learn that becoming a nigga isn’t cool, is the day that black folk will prosper.

ps. Race isn’t even real.