Candy Drops

8 1/2 months ago I found a candy drop

It was sweet and when I gazed at it made my mouth drop

It was small and curious, never even seen the world

I almost gobbled it up but then I saw it was really a girl

So sweet she was I received nice things from her

She made me cup cakes and notes that I would read from her

We were so close but at the same time so far away

I ate the hole bag of candy but she was the one who walked away

From the bag that is so we can talk and have good times

I know I’m dumb but its alright she sometimes takes her time

Just like a candy drop she’s short, small and very sweet

The brown M&M I see her almost every week

So lucky to find you, your like the last skittle left aside

Just like when you dump them all out and and there’s still one inside

To make it worse they’re almost very hard to pull them out

Sometimes you have to do it all just so they’d slip out

There’s always the time with other bags they fall and hit the floor

They get crushed and then its over, you’re back to the store

But you get lucky, hand and eye coordination is on point

I caught you with my heart and took you in and at this point

Asked you if you would be the chocolate in my shallow shell

Now we’re together like the 2 M’s on the chocolate bag

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