Month: November 2010


What is the point of spam. Its kind of dumb when you just go around posting random crap to websites, groups and what ever type of website there is that you can post something to. Like people set up computer programs to just go out there and spam websites about nothing. It be some stupid […]


17 Years Ago…

17 Years ago a boy was born. A boy born into a torn and cruel world. A boy born into a world full of money and greed. A boy born into a simple life that will soon have him making difficult chocies. Choices that will effect his life in good ways and in bad. This boy grew […]


My Life

Some people in life are just obstacles that want you to fail or want you to follow them in there direction. I have my own path and I plan on to succeed at it. I’m not going to sit back and talk about what could have happened, I’m going to make it happen whether you […]