I Will

I know I know, I’ve been off and on here lately. So what? Its not like anyone reads my blog anyway.

So I know what you’re thinking, the title sounds great for a poem that has every line starting with “I Will” I’m sorry to tell you this but you are wrong. I’m going to take a little time out of my night to stop and explain what I will do for the rest of this year.

To make this sound professional I will start it off like this…

  • I WILL complete all course assignments in my college classes.

A hard task that is but it is something that I will be doing. For the few of you that do not know, I failed my first semester of college. Everyone was disappointed in me. My girlfriend scolded me, my cousin cursed, I got all sorts of words thrown at me. The only thoughts that came to my head was, “Why didn’t I just drop my failing classes”, and “Why didn’t I try harder?”. I can go on and try to redeem myself and give a bullshit excuse but it won’t cut it. I didn’t apply myself like I should have and just didn’t make time for it. I really wish I would have listened to my family and my encouraging girlfriend to focus on school and get it done. So now I have to start clean with just a few credits under my belt and try my best to get these classes out of the way so I can make room for the next set.

  • I WILL become a better person.

I’m not crazy or anything, I just want to become a better person to society. I feel like society needs someone who can step up in any weather and lead the way. My first goal in to becoming a better person is to do community service. My girlfriend has gone on and on about me not doing community service and how it will make a difference in my life and as well in others. So I’m going to do it, I just have to go online and search up some community service events that are going on in my city. I WILL APPLY MYSELF.

  • I WILL start a small business.

I am sooo TIRED of selfish people at work! I’m not going to go into the full story online but I need to make money on the side so I can work less at UPS. People at work just piss me off. There is so much drama and all people care about is their money. So MY GOAL for the remaining of this year is to start a small window cleaning business. I have experience in it and my “Swirl” is on point! I just feel like I don’t need to depend on someone else to make money. My long term goal in life is to work for myself because being a slave to someone else’s company isn’t what I want to be. Even if its something I enjoy doing I still don’t want someone to have the power to fire me or demote me when they want to and how they want to. I already hate that feeling at UPS. Its ridiculous.

Well folks, that’s all I will do. I plan on skateboarding a whole lot and getting a video together!

ps. It was around this time of the year when I started my blog so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EXPLODING ROCK!

Death Rays

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

With seconds left on the clock James opened fire on the remaining CPU’s left on the other side of the field. He only had two clips left and the CPU’s were hunkered down in a foxhole with bolt action sniper rifles. James had to think fast or it was game over for his life. While laying on the ground behind a brunt car, bullets whizzed by as the CPU’s shot aimlessly in his direction. He was beginning to catch on and time there fire rate. With no other option available he jumped from behind the car and started running fast towards the fox hole with his Vector K-10 locked onto the fox hole. In his head he was counting down the time the CPU’s would shoot again and before they could even aim and shoot and dolphin dived right towards them and began unleashing a hell fire of bullets. As soon as he hit the ground the terrain and obstacle disappeared…he has won again.

He slowly raised himself up, leaving his gun on the ground and raised his hands up high. Three guards came into the white room and handcuffed him and escorted him back to his cell. James once again survived another death match against the prisons super computer and he was sparred another 3 months to life. The only catch was that in those three months he has to prepare and train for the next death match.

James was incarcerated in Deathly Hollow State Pen. He was sentenced to 10 years with no parol…

(Story to be continued)