In the morning it is and the sky is still littered with stars and everyones favorite, the moon. Thats besides the point, going back to what I originally wanted to start with was, can we ever make a change?

You see, people want change in this world but do not understand how it works. This is why when we look around change seems to be obsolete because its never pushed. Now if you want change theres one thing that you should know. In order for change to take affect you have to change yourself.

See people don’t understand that in get caught up with marching and stampeding the streets for some change. We have to change our inner-selves so we as a whole can make change. So as I sit here in the wee hours of the morning I leave you with this, for patrons who make no mistakes, never learn where problems come from.


You can’t take the Golden Age of Hip Hop and try to define todays modern rap with it. Those standards no longer apply. With todays artist people are quick to say who’s hip-hop and who isn’t by using those characteristics found in the Golden Age of rap. Just because Kendrick is using the elements that created hip-hop doesn’t mean TPAB sucked. Just because J.Cole gets on a record and damn near makes you cry doesn’t mean he’s soft. Just because Young Thug gets on a record and says some shit that isn’t understandable doesn’t mean there isn’t meaning. You have your hip-hop purist and your radio listeners with strong opinions. Hip-Hop is a creative art so wherever an artist goes with his music is where he is going. Theres no rules in what you can or cannot say; Sound like you want to sound.

Oregon School Shooting [October 1st]

I think its fake.

Yes I said it and I back it up.

Heres my reasoning.

In addition to the other school shootings this year, the Umpqua event that took place today makes it 21. We have had 21 school shootings, not to mention all of the other shootings that didn’t take place in school. Now tell what kind of sense this makes?

I’ll wait…

Exactly. Nobody can explain the cause of these events and when they do its always some boy who was crazy because he didn’t take his prescribed medicine.

The fact of the matter is, we have had way to many shootings these past couples years and they don’t seem to add up. The stories behind these killers don’t have any validity to them. Like that news anchor shooting, that was probably the fakest of them all!

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would they stage a shooting?” oh and further more, “Who are they?”

Well first its the government, and second they want our guns. This is practically a repeat in history and everyone is blind to the matter. Before Hitler got even more reckless than ever, he signed a strict gun control law. Guess what happened after that? Defenseless jews were killed.

The same thing is happening right now… well at least they’re trying to. With this latest shooting Obama is urging legislation of Gun Control among America. These shootings that continue to take place and get publicized on national media outlets are there to convince the public that guns are bad.

Make sense now? Good.