I Read My Fathers Mind

I’m pretty sure my dad and I can read minds. While I was warming up some noodles and fixing myself a cup of coffee, I told myself, “My dad would be happy to know the trash is taken out.” I tried throwing away a dirty paper towel earlier and saw that the damn thing was over flowing, so I to tried and push the crap down. After noticing that it didn’t work, nor will it ever, I made the decision to just be the good kid in this household and talk out the trash.

In the process of pouring two packets of low calorie sweetener in my cup, my dad called. I didn’t notice that he called until I looked down at my pebble to check the time and saw there was a recent missed call. I called the old man back who asked readily if I took the trash out. With excitement and blurted out yes, managing to drop my spoon on top of the microwave. I then was asked about the air filter which I wasn’t even thinking about -I gotta change that tomorrow- but yeah, minder readers.

~ Keep it all smiles

We’re Adults Longer Than We Are Kids


I know I should probably be studying for this quiz so I don’t fail it like I did my last one, but I have to clear my mind of these thoughts real fast so I can focus my attention on Inequalities.

As usually, after work this morning I went over to my buddy Daimont’s where we had a conversation of higher thoughts. A thought that I was thinking about a few days ago popped up and it had to deal with adulthood.

Once you hit 21 you are a full on adult. You can practically do ANYTHING. We can totally scratch the age 18 off the list becasue we all know that you got to be 21 to walk up into the club. As an adult though we take on more responsibility – unless you live at home like I do – and that can take up a lot of precious time. We all have our own interest in life and trying to balance that along with a job and for the most part school, it gets tiring.

Like I was telling Daimont, I wish that I could go back and tell my younger self to enjoy the life of being a kid. I feel like as we grow up we want to take more responsibility and be an adult, but we forget that we are adults LONGER than we are as a kid. Think about it, as a kid all you had to do was pretty much tell you parents what your needs were. If you were hungry they fed you, if you fell and hurt yourself they bandaged you up. Our parents have done everything for us from putting a roof over our head and putting food on the table.

As an adult, all that responsibility that your parents had raising you now falls into your hands. All in all, being an adult is an extremely hard job… if you make it out to be that way. As the comedian Tyler Craig would say, “the moral of this story is,” Enjoy being a kid. If you’re grown and already got kids, let them live life to the fullest. If you don’t have any kids, smile when you see them to let them know that not everyone is bad.

~ Keep it all smiles

Katt Williams is Coming to LOUISVILLE?!

Katt Williams

Okay so apparently I already knew this becasue when I went to the page to say I’m going it already said that I was interested. So I’m guessing the time between then and now I have slautered those brain cells with a LOT of THC. But hey! This is exciting, Katt Williams is coming to Louisville! Its crazy because just last year I was listening to his comedy specials on spotify and now I get a chance to see him live!

I’m way to stoked about this. Katt Williams in my richard Pryor of Modern Day comedy. This man gets on stage and says whatever the fuck he feels like and the entire show is great! Katt inspired me to simply not give a fuck and to give these people a show. Not everybody can just get in front of a large crowd of people and tell jokes. Thats a serious talent right there that only few have.

These tickets go on sale tomorrow so best believe that I’m going to be on that!

~ Keep it all smiles


I would first off like to let everyone know that today will be a good day so don’t worry about the rain!

Now, lets take you guys on a journey into my mind this morning. Yes I fly a kite way out there and I thought a shower would kill it but I guess not. Anyways; I just noticed that I use that word a lot when I make blogpost. I really need to stop that.

Theres more to life than what we see correct? If you agree upon that staement then proceed forward with caution becasue this is about to be a scary ride. Now if you are at your computer right now I want you to stop completely what you are doing. Sit there still, breathing very slowly. While doing this, begin to survey the area around you and feel the presence of everything that is exsistance!

Did you feel it?

What I was trying to make you do is try and experience realtiy. Now what I mean by that is that I am trying to allow you to realize reality. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Reality means: The quality of being real, something real and not imaginary, and life and the world as the really are. Another way you can explain this is the existance of everything conceputal and nonconceptual.

When I came across thsi information, I took a minute to realize everything around me the existance of it. With our everyday lives taken up buy working a job or going to school, we never really have the time to even think about something like that.

If all of this is confusing to you than I apologize, this nothing more than of me just ranting about insidious thoughts that float around my brain. Or maybe we can look at this as some type of … yeah I don’t know. Just try not to take me too seriously becasue that never works in life.

~ Keep it all smiles

Why I Haven’t Dropped Out of College (Yet)

As much as I bitch and moan about college on the internet, you’d probably think that I just gave up on the whole thing and quit. But I haven’t. I’ve been in school for damn year 4 years and haven’t really gotten anywhere but to College Algebra (Which I totally should be studying for). There are many reasons of why I couldn’t have just quit but all of them would just be rubbish.

The real reason why I haven’t quit college is becasue of what a group of old black guys who were paving our driveway back in 2010. I was in highschool, I think it was my sophomore year too, and I had just got home from school when I seen all these old black dudes laying asphalt in my driveway. I quickly ran into the house to drop my stuff and eagerly ran back out to watch them assemble my new driveway.

*As a side note, don’t get some old black guys from your ghetto neighborhood to lay new asphalt in your driveway. Our someone new driveway is trashed and falling apart, but hey, they tried.*

As they made their way from the garage to the patio door, I remember looking at them as they wiped sweat off their foreheads from the extreme heat the asphalt gave off. Tired and dirty, they kept moving, throwing and flattening asphalt. As I stood by the patio door, I one of the old guys looked up and me and said, “Stay in school, go to college, you don’t want to do this.” Now considering the fact that I possibly recall seeing him at the liquor store, I took his word of advice. Deep down this man probably wishes that he would have done something better with his life instead of waste it looking for fun inside of a bottle. It was either or he just saw me as a kid and figured he would say some adult stuff.

Till this day those words from that old black guy still linger in my head. Even when I am in class trying to figure out what the fuck a Quadratic Equation is supposed to do, I hear his faint grumbles.

January is Almost Over?

What the hell man! I feel like we literally just stepped into the new year. Here it is January 25th and my buddy Brentez’s birthday and J.Coles are 3 days away! Its funny how as children we aspire to already be adults not knowing about the haunting futures ahead of us. I honestly wish I could tell my younger self to chill the fuck out with wanting to be grown becasue it isn’t fun. We spend most of our lives as adults and only get to be careless for a mere 17 years.

Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this. Either that or I just need to quit smoking. I’m also behind on a lot of stuff, like the daily quote that should be on my site, my homework, and also the books that I am reading. I need to get back in the sing becasue every weekend my pace gets slowed down becasue I have to work for my dad. Most people get weekends where they just chill and get homework done, guess who doesn’t? I’m not saying that everyone is like that, I know people that have to work weekends like I do but they never enjoy it.

I think what I need is a better schedule but my sleep is all over the place that its hard to do. I guess this this is where a little growing up and going to sleep early does, but I hate going to sleep early. I would totally just stay up late on the weekends doing what I do but my dad is always in my ear talking about racism or some political shit that at this time in my life I don’t care about. (See how I worded that? I’ll probably care about it when I’m 30…but not now). I’m 22 fucking years old man, I gotta to get my shit together but my dad is holding me back from my true potential. I’ve been thinking about moving out but that would be way to hard since I don’t have a car and need to get to work and school some how. I guess I could just quit school and catch the tarc to work. But I don’t want to give up on school just yet becasue I want to become a journalist and don’t know of anything else that will help me develop those skills. Not to mention that most places want you to have a degree in Journalism.

Fuck man, this sucks ass.

~ Keep it all smiles

Think About It, We Make The World Work

You have a job right?

Have you ever sat down to think about how your job benefits someone else and how this chain continues no matter what you do? Our everyday lives consist of the work of other people. Whether you are at Starbucks purchasing coffee or shipping packages to eager customers, everything we do requires people. Here’s the breakdown.

I broke down different ways of receiving income into two different categories. Your first one is the “Need” and the second one is the “Like.” Those two categories may sound very simple but we’re about to dive a little deeper.

We’ll start with the “Need.”

When you are need of money you have to go out and find a job. Most of us get caught up in a job we highly dislike but we are only there becasue of the money. This job of course serves other people, the cliche cause and effect situation. No matter what job you choose, that job provides some sort of service to people. Humans are needed for businesses to survive. Without people needed some sort of service than what’s the purpose right?

Okay, so the Need was simple enough, let’s move on to the “Like.”

The Like is an activity you enjoy doing in life. This can range from drawing, skateboarding, reading, writing, or whatever the hell it is you like to do. People who excel in their “Like,” have an opportunity to turn it into a career. In order for this Like to become a career, it requires the satisfaction of other people like you and me. We are the people who made Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and N.W.A famous. They needed us to like their music for them to become successful. Do you see what happened? People were needed yet again.

If you have made it this far down the article and have said to yourself, “Well duh!” Than you’re a step closer to what I’m going to hit you with. If we need one another to survive, then why are we killing ourselves? I guess we can look at the battles we have fought throughout history as a way of survival, but even then, countless lives have been taken away from this earth.

With me being a firm believer in reincarnation, what if that 9 year old little boy who was assassinated in Chicago was going to be out future president that was going to make a huge impact? Now he has to go right back through the reincarnation cycle to return. Not to mention that since he was murdered he will probably carry some type of defect with him in the next life. In some sense, we’re holding ourselves back from what we truly can be by removing future possibilities. Those possibilities now have to wait for the next life to carry out those duties.

We should stop trying to hold back mankind and focus on the Needs and Likes that help make the world go around.

~ Keep it all smiles


Snow Storm Part 2

FullSizeRender (3)

“We dodged a bullet!”

Those were the first words my dad said to me as soon as he opened his eyes and turned the TV on to check the weather. I myself woke up to a bit of disappointment becasue I was really hoping for a foot of snow. It’s okay though, we still got some time. It’s only January, this isn’t going to be the first snow storm of the year.

The worst part of the storm headed down south of us dropping more than a foot of snow on the southern counties of Kentucky. Here in Louisville we got just less than an inch which was the sad part for me. I guess I used the law of attraction against me… lol.

The other day while I was listening to NPR as I drove home from school, they were doing an interview with snow plow drivers up in New York or Baltimore (Sorry I can’t remember). One driver said that if the snow is just as bad as it was last year he was going to quit his job, leaving the truck on the side of the road running. Thats pretty bold if you ask me but hell, I feel his pain since I’m a deicer at UPS.

To be honest though, I was really hoping for a lot of snow. The eastern states are getting a blizzard while I’m here gazing out the window wishing that yesterday’s snow was covered again. Oh well, guess I’ll just wait until the next storm, let’s cross fingers guys!

~ Keep it all smiles

My Woes Working for UPS

confused black girlThese damn supervisors at work will NOT stop nagging me about joining the dark side. I’m referring to becoming a supervisor, a job that I actually considered when I first switched to night shift. I sincerely felt like becoming a sup at that time in my life would be the best thing ever. Matter of fact, I was close to actually becoming a sup (short for supervisor) until I had this random voice pop in my head saying “Don’t do it.” Ever since then I have been listening to that little voice.

Supervising at UPS doesn’t look like a bad job. Every time I see a sup they’re always jerking off on their phones or conversing with the other supervisors. It looks like an easy job, even they tell me that. But deep down I really don’t want to do it. I’ve been told numerous times that it will look good on a resume, it’s easy, I’d be good at it, and so on. Yeah the promotion sounds nice but is it really for me?

I look at my current job like this. As a part time employee stuffing boxes inside of trucks, I have one foot in the door. Now let’s say I end up changing the crystal in my lightsaber to a red one and go on a power trip as a sup, I now have two feet in the door. With two feet in the door I am now what I like to call “About to get locked behind the fence.” The door behind me may be open but houses usually have rooms, and UPS is big so exploring is a must right? That exploration leads to comfort, something a lot of people in life fall for. You ever wonder why your friend never left their OKay paying job? It’s becasue they are comfortable.

Comfort is something I do not need. I keep trying to explain to these damn people in upper management that taking the road they took is not that enticing to me. I’d rather not fall into that zone of, “Well I’ve worked here this long and I’ve been promoted to the point of where I don’t have to do anything, guess I’ll stay.” That’s what a majority of people say to themselves. They either say that or something similar. The fact is, I don’t want to end up walking to far into UPS. I don’t want to get trapped like all the other people who I have talked to within the hub who tell me about their “career.”

I remember one time when I was on the deice bus headed to the guard shack and this older black dude sparked a quick conversation with me. It all started out with his dogs and his deceased wife and quickled shifted over to how I should stay at UPS and stick with it becasue it “isn’t a job, it’s a career.” You mean to tell me that once I spend 20 years of my life loading boxes and finally become full time that unloading and loading cans into planes is a career? Oh it just doesn’t stop there, full time positions also consist of house keeping. What in the hell do I look like being a janitor inside of UPS? I mean my dad runs a janitorial company, so if I were to do any janitorial work it would be for my father where I know I’ll actually excel.

A life spent at UPS and seeing nothing but boxes isn’t what I intend on doing in life. I was talking to my supervisor last night who was trying to convince me in becoming a supervisor (This had to have been take 400 on me). After I explained my philosophy using the one foot story, he said, “Well you can still work here and do what you want outside of work.” [Insert Confused Black Girl Meme Here] … Yes that is true but the way I see things is along the lines of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. You ever wonder why those two men wear the same clothing whenever they are presenting new products or holding developer conferences? Those two extraordinary men practice the ideology of conserving brain power so they can use it for decisions made later on in the day. Albert Einstein has done it and even President Obama.

I’ve taken that same philosophy and applied it on a bigger scale. The less time I spend at work, the more time I get to sit here at my desk on my computer blogging, reading, or coming up with ideas. Why would I want to get promoted at a job which will eventually require me to stay a bit longer, and if I get to comfortable, I’ll spend more time there. Of course I could sacrifice sleep, but being more awake and taking on what you love in life is more pleasing than struggling to keep your eyes open.

To bring us to a closing point, I don’t want to get sucked into the “Hey, we’ll pay for your school if you work here at UPS” trap. I guess I’m kind of in it but like I said, I got one foot in right now as a part time employee who stuffs the miscellaneous items you order on Amazon. It’s just annoying that that these sups at work keep badgering me. I guess I’ll keep hitting my full timer with my “bullshit” philosophy and plot ways to push my other endeavors in life forward.

ps. Mcswain, if you’re reading this, I know that you folks only want me becasue I resemble a black male and would be a good fit for that quota. I don’t want to become a supervisor if that’s all its for. I probably have the qualities to be a great sup but I don’t want to sign up for some bullshit ass position. Last time I did that I ended up loading feeders. Y’all will probably do me like the rest of the black people that have been in the thumb and send them straight to the unload. Like fuck that shit. As Ms Sweet Brown would say, “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!”

~ Keep it all smiles