The Author blabbering on about Exploding Rock

Exploding Rock is a blog where I talk about whats on my mind or what ever is going on in the world. It will probably be about what I got to say, like political views and how my week or month went. Sounds lame but I have a interesting life believe it or not. But this is just a little insight on what this blog is about, just come on it everyday and see what I got to say whether its about Me or the world around ME (Not yours) LOL (Laugh Out Loud for those withering idiots who do not know) But yeah. Want to know anything else? I thought so,  you can go and carry on with your pathetic life while I sit here and sip on this coffee and ride my skateboard off into the sunset.

Okay…Now here is a little about the Author and him giving you a much rather… awkward introduction…

Well hello everyone. My name is Jamil Bryant and this is my blog Exploding Rock. Have you ever seen a rock explode? I haven’t but if you have it was probably EPIC. What ever an Exploding Rock looks like is what my blog is going to be like, explosive and real. Very Close and personal, in your face type of action. I want you to feel what I am saying. I want my blog to EXPLODE in your face and make you want to back up and be like “Whoa! What The Hell Just Happened?!” This is going to be so Epic that your going to want to come back and want this blog to explode in your face for many years to come.

PS: I like Dinosaurs, there cool, awesome and make loud noises.


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