Philosophical Skateboarding

back crook
This is me hitting a back crook on this metal box my buddy used to have.

When it comes to skateboarding I love the sport. It gives me the freedom and space I need to roll around in a concrete jungle. Its always a pleasure to meet other skaters and build connections. One thing that I always questions is when the younger kids. Theres a little boy across the street from me who just got a skateboard for Christmas. As he rolled back and forth on his front porch I wondered, “How good will he get? Will he turn pro?” I always ask that becasue during my journey on a skateboard I have watched people who could barely ride a board, shred the bowls better than me at the skatepark.

Its always a fascinating thought when it crosses my mind. I get engulfed in the future and what it has in store for skaters all around. I wonder if other people think the same thing too?

~ Keep it all smiles

IllumiNike Has Taken Nyjah Houston Too!

By now I know this is old news but Nyjah Houston of course rides for Nikesb. He’s one of the many pros that left their shoe company for that good ol’ nike money. You can think of this man as a traitor but Guy Mariano followed the same route late last year when he up and left all of his sponsors. I want to know how much Nike is paying these dudes, they need to let me on the team! I wanted to make this post so we could all gather around and take a look at that sick ass 5-0 he does down that monstrous rail!

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Ishod Wair Frontside Flips This Large Hubba For a Keg of Beer

Yo, Ishod is the man! Thrasher just posted a new part of his called, “Told Ya.” This video is by James Klimek ands its a damn good one. Now dont hold me to this but I think Jamal Smith made an appearance at 4:05? lol If so he’s ugly for that. Anyways, hope you enjoy the part!


~ Keep it all smiles

$20,000 Worth of Bullshit

I just watched this video from this company named “ARCA.” Along with all the other companies in the world that are trying to create a hover board, they have succeeding in doing so. The ARCA Board, as they call it, is this big rectangular box consist of 36 electric fans giving the board 272 horse power. This damn thing is 57 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

In the video the CEO and all of his subordinates talk some good stuff about this board. According to Dumitru Popescu, we can ride this thing over land, water, and snow. What they fail to mention is that this thing can only fly for 6 minutes so I would suggest if you bought this to night fly over the ocean. Watching the video made me mad though because you can just look at every single person and tell that they were either lying about something or just knew nothing about skateboarding.

Each person that spoke said “This will make your dreams come true,” “You can finally fly.” It was just a bunch of rubbish. I’m not going to give these fools $20,000 for a big ass piece of shit when I got a skateboard with 4 wheels. All I’m trying to say is, don’t waste your money.

~ Keep it all smiles