Black folk out here wildn’ because of this movie. I ain’t never seen black folk ban together like this since the million man march back in 95. I was still a baby haha. All Def Digital made a video entailing just how influential this movie has become to our generation.

What did Fergie Say?

I’m not into basketball so I totally missed the All Star Game. I woke up this afternoon to videos of Fergie singing the National Anthem with articles attached detailing how terrible her singing was. Luckily twitter knows how to use their smartphones and shortened out a clip showing us EXACTLY how she screwed it up.

I typically don’t share celeb shit on my blog or trending pop culture bullshit but gaddamn this shit was funny. LMAO


~ keep it all smiles

Koko The Gorilla is The Voice of Nature

You know Koko the Gorilla right? She’s the Gorilla that was taught to speak sign language. Well now she’s in a YouTube video talking to us as a whole about Nature. This is a very powerful message becasue we have what is considered to be an animal, talking to humans about what SHE believes is right.

Going a bit of track here, one thing that we need to realize is that animals have conscious minds too. They think, feel emotion, and can reason. If this video doesn’t compel you to think about your environment then I don’t know what will.

Take it from the voice of nature, she knows what is right.

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Deadpunch Trailer – Deadpool/One-Punch Man Parody

Have you ever just wanted to tell somebody that they fucked up? Well I really wish I could tell the people who made this that they fucked up. Now I don’t mean fucked up in a bad way. This is a type of good fucked up… if that makes any sense. Check out this Deadpunch trailer which will bow your mind… kinda. haha!

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