Jaws Done Did It Again…

Ali Boulala

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is well known in the skateboarding world for throwing himself down the largest obstacles. Now Jaws has done something nobody thought was possible…well at least not impossible for him. If you watched the Sorry, the first Flip video, Ali Boulala tried to ollie this 25 set at the end of his part. According to Boulala he didn’t get enough speed so it never happened. Here we are 13 years or so later and Jaws is doing a melon grab down this damn thing. He’s even on the cover of thrasher!


Let Me Tell You About My Life


In 2011 I wouldn’t have never thought that I would be where I am at today. Like back then I can really say that I had childish thoughts. I mean I was just in high school, I believe it was Junior year. I remember just looking off into the future dreaming of going AM for some skate team. I had it all planned out. But now as I look at everything I guess my heart wasn’t really where I wanted it to be. I really want this, I want to be able to skate any everywhere that I want and actually make a living from it. Maybe its my fear of hitting rails? I don’t know, I don’t mean to sound like a “diva” or anything.

Going back to the top, none of this seems to be real right now. I feel like I had other great plans and ideas. I literally got out of school and went into the world with no aim. I think I should have stuck with writing during the entire time. If I did that I would have gone way further than where I am right now with this. Its just so frustrating, my emotions run amidst a sea of dreadful and uncaring thoughts. I’m twisted in the head. I think thats my reasoning for smoking weed so  much now. I have not other way of coping with my insanity. Its so bad, like I have a serious problem.

I can’t say that I will ever try to get this fixed but as far as I see right now? I won’t. I’m sorry for being such a waste to the world. But I regret saying that because this world means nothing to me if it choose’s to look down on me. Theres no need for the pity or the whiny ass “I’m sorrys” I don’t got time for that shit. Just leave me be dammit!

Anyways, thats me just ranting about life. Sorry for the depressing moment.

ps. You know I can’t leave you guys on a sad note. Keep up and stay humble and let the Universe work in your favor. Holla .

~ Keep it all smiles

Ishod Wair Frontside Flips This Large Hubba For a Keg of Beer

Yo, Ishod is the man! Thrasher just posted a new part of his called, “Told Ya.” This video is by James Klimek ands its a damn good one. Now dont hold me to this but I think Jamal Smith made an appearance at 4:05? lol If so he’s ugly for that. Anyways, hope you enjoy the part!


~ Keep it all smiles