So Much Wisdom

So the time has come for the removal of my wisdom teeth. I first want to say that I will not miss all four of them boogers because they made Summer 2022 miserable. Here’s the story.

It all started back in April. One night after work my wisdom teeth were causing my unbearable pain. The pain was SO unbearable that it was triggering my anxiety and almost led to a panic attack. From then on my symptoms would get worse, my teeth would hurt or I would feel light headed. I made an appointment to get these damn things removed but my dumbass had no clue of how to get a dentist or even how the whole insurance thing worked. So unfortunately my first attempt failed because I had to first find a Dentist. (You can’t just show up to the dentist)

Eventually I found a dentist and they are located on Frankfort Ave. Dr Kirk is real cool and the staff are mighty friendly. Anyways they did some X-Rays of my teeth and showed me what I’m dealing with. The top two teeth have cavities and are on the verge of rotting out. The bottom two are fully grown in but are so close to the nerve that I have been warned that if removed, I may lose feeling in my lower Jaw. I was given a referral to a place nearby my dentist office and went to set up an appoint for consultation. Now trying to get that appointment set up is a whole nother story so if you wanna hear about that just hmu on twitter (@JamilBryant).

I had my consultation and the Doctor feels all up on my wisdom teeth with a strong index finger and then looks at me and says “I wish we had a time machine to bring you back to age 16.” He goes on to explain that the top two wisdom teeth will be fairly easy to remove but the bottom two will be difficult due to how close they are to the nerve and all. He pretty much told me the same shit my dentist said about the whole losing feeling in my lower jaw. After that he asked me what I wanted to do and… yeah the rest of the conversation is kind of a blur.

All I know is that this Thursday on the 21st I’m supposed to go in at 10am and get ALL FOUR TEETH removed from my mouth. I’m so happy because for the past week I’ve been on this antibiotic because one of my wisdom teeth broke and it got infected. Talk about PAIN.

Well anyways, If I’m feeling well enough after the surgery I’ll tell y’all all about it. Until then…

~keep it all smiles

How Much Wisdom Does a Tooth Carry?

I have 4 wisdom teeth sticking their necks out in the back of my mouth. Specifically the little sucker in the bottom left corner has been bothering me since I woke up yesterday evening.

I’m 26 years old and I still have my wisdom teeth. Just thinking about having the surgery to have all 4 teeth taken out turns my stomach upside down. The surgery isn’t what I’m afraid about, it’s the pain I will have to deal with after. These bad boys have been growing since age 21 and I’m certain that once they rip these HUGE ASS teeth from my dental cavity I’ll be feeling the effects days on end. I’m no dentist so everything I’m saying are just pure guess’s to what may possibly happen.

As my father always says, “Men don’t go to the hospital unless they are seriously ill or injured.” He surely isn’t lying about that either because the last time I went to the hospital was when I got hit by a car riding my back in September of 2017. Prior to that I hadn’t been to a doctor since the age of 18. So instead of being an average man, I need to find my dental insurance card and go to the dentist. The PAIN IN MY MOUTH IS INTENSE GAT DAMMIT! Not to mention that this has been going on more frequently for a few months now. Before my jaw would hurt occasionally and I’d take some ibuprofen and I was good. That shit ain’t working no more… NO MORE.

but as always…

~keep it all smiles~

ps. If you are a dentist and read this, please tell me its going to be okay.