This Acton Blink-Board Sucks Man


Click the link below to watch the video of the Acton Blink-Board.

Okay so I’m totally going to be that guy, I don’t like this. I don’t want to entirely diss this but I’m an advocate for traditional skateboarding, pushing is better. I see this little toy getting bought by a bunch of hipsters who vap from those high powered metal burners!

Anyways, going down the spec sheet. It takes two hours to charge this thing and it will only take you down the road for 6 miles. Do you know how much farther I can go with my athletically strong legs? Maybe I’m thinking like an old person who doesn’t want a cellphone or my dad who thinks that reading any type of book or magazine on a smartphone or tablet is an abomination.

I can’t say too much, if the damn thing lasted for 5 hours, I would probably go for a Sunday morning stroll around the city or better yet… grab my wooden skateboard and go to the skatepark.

Via / Mashable

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