Google Contributor Gets a Refreshed Structure

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.39.52 PM.png

Many of us probably have a love and hate relationship with Ads on the internet. Every so often you might come across an Ad that actually displays stuff that you’re interested in. Other times you’re forced into a choke hold on a YouTube video watching a 30 second Ad. That’s when companies like Ad-Block Plus (ABP) came into the picture to help eliminate Ads. The only problem with ABP is that since they are completely blocking Ads from your viewing, the websites that use those ads to generate revenue are now losing money. To help fund this sites and make the system look a little more supportive, Google Contributor came into the picture offering users a way to pay a monthly fee to help fund the sites they enjoy.

Google Contributor Launched back in 2014 with a set of prices users can choose from. You had the option to pay either $2, $5, or even $10 depending on how many Ads that you don’t want to see. The $2 range was the lowest tier level and it was gauged by Google that users would see 5-15% less ads. If you prefer to see less to no ads then the $10 plan was the way to go. The prices and statistics may not seem like much, which is why Google revamped Contributor. Instead of the weird price ranges, Google has set a starting price of $6.99 per month. This price range works way better than the others prior to the change simply because users will actually see the reduction in ads. Google also has done away with the percentages of ads you will not see. Instead they actually gave us numbers this time around estimating that users will see 400-2000 fewer ads clogging their webpages.

Contributor works with all web browsers and on most mobile devices. In order for that to work though you will need to be signed into your Google account. In this revamped model, ads are entirely removed or replaced with a pixelated image carrying a Thank You message. With their new set price range, users will more than likely have a more enjoyable experience with less ads and the comfy thought of support they give every month.

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