IoT pt 2

Everyday I learn of a common device or product becoming connected to the internet.

Literally, everything.

Scrolling through my WordPress reader I saw what looked like a pregnancy test but was really a body heat tracker that connects to your phone. This shit is just as bad as the Bluetooth water bottle that tracks your water consumption and notifies you when to drink again.

With all this technology becoming integrated into common goods, doesn’t it seem just a tad bit scary?

What if someone hacked the database to wherever they hold your water consumption algortithms and then turns around and fucks with the water provider in your town and…. Look I don’t know.

All I’m saying is that the IoT is real and we need to put serious thought into what products we should or should not install motherboards and wifi chips.

It’s bad enough Google tracks where I walk to.

~ keep it all smiles

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