Blogging 101 (Day 2 / 3)


Sorry folks, Im still catching up. I got articles to write for another website so that has me pushed back. Plus I gotta leave for work in an hour so my brain is rushing to get stuff done.

Anyways, Day 2 we’re supposed to be changing out title and tag line. I personally like the way my title and tagline are. I’ve had them for almost 5 years now and I don’t plan on changing them unless I come up with something better. My blog isn’t directed toward one specific piece of content. I talk about a lot of stuff. Some of which you may hear on my podcast this Saturday.

Moving on to Day 3 of our blogging 101 conquest, I guess I should go around and follow new blogs. I found a few neat ones today and have followed them. I didn’t know that there was so much on wordpress. When I first joined the community wasn’t like it is now, or maybe I just didn’t interact enough. Either way, I’ve come across the most interesting short stories and new articles that I could find.

Welp, I’ll close the keypad right about here and finish up some other needed business. Who knew that I would blog so much?

~ Keep it all smiles

Hello World! (Blogging 101)


So I was supposed to do this two days ago but for some reason the blogging 101 emails are going to another folder in my gmail. I found them so now its time to catch up! lol

Well folks, Hello!

My name is Jamil and I world like to welcome you to exploding rock. I’ve been blogging since 2010 and I love it. I have a long archive of weird stuff I have said over the years for you to look over if you wish. If you are a new or old reader, you will see that I talk about lots of things. I can’t just try to dumb it down to one thing because there is so much in the world I am interested in.

You will find everything from personal blogpost, funny videos I have found on the internet, skateboarding news, a little tech news, some poetry, and anything else I like in life. The reason why I choose to publicly blog about whats going on with me is becasue there are many other people in the world that can relate to my problems. I remember a few years ago I had some depressing post on my blog from when I got out of a bad break up. Someone that actually went through the same stuff came through on my comments making sure I was okay and shot me over some advice. He was a stranger, someone I have never met before, but he wanted to help.

This blog has shown me a lot over the years. Blogging has helped me become a better writer, although I have mess ups here and there. Writing on here has also gave me the confidence to to go out and find writing gigs. Not only do I write here but I write for a tech site called Android Headlines. Thanks to wordpress and the little home on the internet that they gave me, I can express how I feel and voice my opinions with other people who can relate and have some words to share.

It never was about the money, the hits, or anything else blogging can offer. All I wanted to do when I started was create a website with rich content for people to enjoy. I’m always hit and miss on here but hey, who said I was perfect?

~ Keep it all smiles