Blogging 101 (Day 2 / 3)

Sorry folks, Im still catching up. I got articles to write for another website so that has me pushed back. Plus I gotta leave for work in an hour so my brain is rushing to get stuff done. Anyways, Day 2 we’re supposed to be changing out title and tag line. I personally like the […]


Oregon School Shooting [October 1st]

I think its fake. Yes I said it and I back it up. Heres my reasoning. In addition to the other school shootings this year, the Umpqua event that took place today makes it 21. We have had 21 school shootings, not to mention all of the other shootings that didn’t take place in school. Now […]


Black Quota

So if you already couldn’t tell by how I formulate my post, I’m black. I consider myself black because well, I got a big afro and look black, but thats besides the point. Being brown in this world has its perks like scholarships and the ability to put words together poetically. There is also a […]