I Love Anna Wise

I first heard her on Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Maad City album. Her voice caught my attention and needless to say, I instantly fell in love. I forreal went crazy when I heard her sweet voice on Kendrick’s “These Walls” and I knew right then and there that I had to search her up and listen to her music. I found out she was 1 half of Sonnymoon and I added all of their albums to my Apple Music. Just recently she released her first single separate from the Sonnymoon moniker under her name, Anna Wise.

Give it a listen, I F*CKING LOVE IT!!! THAT VOICE!!!

ps. That EDM’ish beat is the amazing on this SONG!

~ Keep it all smiles


This past weekend, specifically on Valentine’s Day I dropped an EP entitled, “Greatest Works of Art, Come From a Broken Heart.” It’s actually a quote that I came up with one day and as many of us know, the statement is surprisingly true. Just give it a listen and tell me what you think.

ps. That broken skateboard thats in fire on the cover art was the board my ex gave me. I wonder if she noticed that when I sent her the track? Who knows, I’m just happen I made some good music.

~ Keep it all smiles

Lets Watch T-Pain Use New Garageband Update (THIS IS NOT A DAMN HOW-TO VIDEO)

I got a notification from 9to5mac about a video made by The Verge that also includes T-Pain. In the video they are showing how to use the new Garageband update for iOS. The title said, “Learn absolutely nothing from watching T-Pain use the new GarageBand.” That’s what the title says. The video on the hand? Well the video’s title says, ” T-Pain mixes a beat with the new GarageBand.” Do you see the differences in their titles? Even when you watch the video T-Pain isn’t trying to walk you through how to make a beat. All T-Pain is doing is using the software and showing what he does; this isn’t a fuckcing how-to video!

Then what really ticked me off was the fact that the idiots in the comments were like “Who’s T-Pain?” The hell? I can understand if you don’t know T-+ain but don’t start bashing the video becasue he isn’t showing you how to make a beat. Not to mention that this site just caters to a bunch of Apple geeks so if anything they listen to “U2” or something. The point I’m trying to get out is that the whole article by Jordan Kahn is a bunch of rubbish.

Remember, this isn’t a “How-To” video, this is a fucking video showing how T-Pain uses garageband for projects he works on.

Fucking idiots.

 ~ Keep it all smiles

Kanye Took The Wraps off No More Parties in L.A. ft. Kendrick Lamar


7 hours ago from this blogpost, Kanye West released the most anticipated song of the year featuring no other than Kendrick Lamar. The song in my opinion is spectacular!!! K.Dot went off on his verse and Kanye says, “the writers block is over.”

Check it out for yourself!

Kendrick Lamar Performs Untitled 2

Kendrick Lamar became an instant favorite when he dropped his anticipated album To Pimp a Butterfly (TPAB). From the funky bass lines of “Wesley’s Theory” to the nerve-racking cries heard in “U”, its safe to say that K.Dot put a classic together. This one goes into the books for album of the decade, and I’ll say it.

Recently aired on the Jimmy Fallon show, Kendrick Lamar released another Untitled track with yet again the same feel that the his album delivered last year. Words can’t explain the song so I’ll let you see for yourself.

~ Keep it all smiles

This Was Ab-Soul Before He Was Famous

A lot of the information in this video I already knew. Ab-Soul is one of my favorite artist and possibly the best lyricist of out time. I think saying “one of my favorite artist” isn’t the right term though, maybe my NUMBER ONE favorite artist, lol.

Hope you enjoy learning about the man who inspired me to be a better rapper.

ps. T.I. inspired me to rap

pss. Thanks Michael McCrudden for putting this together.

~ Keep it all smiles