Lets Watch T-Pain Use New Garageband Update (THIS IS NOT A DAMN HOW-TO VIDEO)

I got a notification from 9to5mac about a video made by The Verge that also includes T-Pain. In the video they are showing how to use the new Garageband update for iOS. The title said, “Learn absolutely nothing from watching T-Pain use the new GarageBand.” That’s what the title says. The video on the hand? Well the video’s title says, ” T-Pain mixes a beat with the new GarageBand.” Do you see the differences in their titles? Even when you watch the video T-Pain isn’t trying to walk you through how to make a beat. All T-Pain is doing is using the software and showing what he does; this isn’t a fuckcing how-to video!

Then what really ticked me off was the fact that the idiots in the comments were like “Who’s T-Pain?” The hell? I can understand if you don’t know T-+ain but don’t start bashing the video becasue he isn’t showing you how to make a beat. Not to mention that this site just caters to a bunch of Apple geeks so if anything they listen to “U2” or something. The point I’m trying to get out is that the whole article by Jordan Kahn is a bunch of rubbish.

Remember, this isn’t a “How-To” video, this is a fucking video showing how T-Pain uses garageband for projects he works on.

Fucking idiots.

 ~ Keep it all smiles

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