I practice Buddhism now.

We have managed to make it to the second month of the new year without any problems other than Donald Trump signing away on a bunch of bullshit. Right now in this very moment that is besides the point that I’m trying to get it. Where I want to take you guys is on a journey, a journey into a realm full of love and prosperity. A journey on how we can step back and realize our full potential and use it to the fullest…

Okay no not really.

I became buddhist last month. Ever since the second week of January I have been mediating without skipping a day other than the weekends. Personally, I have been wanting to meditate for some years now ever since I learned about the pineal gland and the wonderful stories behind it. Now that I have made it a goal to meditate until I reach enlightenment, I feel as if I took in a fresh breathe air in this current lifetime. I no longer feel stranded or alone anymore. I can’t say that those feelings are totally gone, but I have better control of them.

Through the teachings of the Buddha and daily meditation practice, my life is no longer that dead end trail that I have always envisioned it as. I mean like the rest of the humans that wander around this world, my mind is full of questions, especially when I first came into this world. I have a ton of odd memories and dreams that I had as a young child that I need answers too. At the same time I have a wild mind that runs loose whenever a thought or strong emotion rolls in. With the Buddha’s teachings at hand, I now have the tools needed to quiet my mind and live more in the present. I can be more kind and learn to love myself and then others. There’s just soo much that I have to learn and I am so eager to digest it all.

I literally just started this path so I’ll have to continue pushing forward and see how far I can go. Matter of fact, it’s not “how far I can go” but how good of a person I can and will become by following this path.

I’m very excited.

In the meantime as I study more about Buddhism and how to be a dharmic person, I’ll keep you folks updated.

~ Keep it all smiles