The Game Vehemently Questions Bill Cosby Case

Source: The Game Vehemently Questions Bill Cosby Case


Let talk about this for a second. The game makes some valid statements here and its on right to consider his opinion. I mean why did it take these females who claimed to have been raped over 10 years? Shouldn’t that be something you report to the police right after it happened? I know that I cannot speak for these woman but maybe its was fear that kept them from telling? I’m not sure, its the fact that they put this man into custody, take a mugshot of him and this was all based off what a bunch of woman said. Yet as Game points out in his open letter, Police officers who shot and killed plenty of black males on video are enjoying the new year as a FREE man.

What sense does that make?


Oh Snap They Got Bill Cosby

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too much of a fan of Bill Cosby’s stand up but Fat Albert and The Cosby Show was my shit!!! After the allegations about Cosby came out, we were all stunned. I honestly didn’t want to believe it but I forgot that he was a back man so their gonna throw bricks on top of him heavy. I just walked out of the living room after watching one of those CNN round table conversations and I noticed that they have charged him with Aggravated Assault.

Its kinda fucked up when you think about it. This man has a LEGACY! A large one at that and nobody will ever look passed that when the name Cosby is brought up now. Hell, if these “Allegations” are true, how in the FUCK did these females remember so much and why did they wait so long for? Was it some type of remorse? Did they not want to get him in trouble while he was still young and felt that it was better for him to serve his time in prison was an old man? Either way its all fuckery. (Sorry for the vulgar language).

It just upsets me thats all. They’re doing the same thing that they did to Michael Jackson. If its a conspiracy than thats why Michael is dead, he got off Scott free from those allegations. Cosby on the other hand, if convicted, he’ll be gone for a long time. Like I said, its just all pure fuckery.

ps. Let us not let the legacy of Bill Cosby die. We can’t let a bunch of females who claimed that they were raped by him ruin what he created. You got to separate the man from the art.

pss. Bill Cosby is out on bail right now but is indeed facing aggravated assault charges.

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