People are Highly Skilled in Drama


I will never understand this, but people are highly skilled in drama. There just something about it that people lust over it; chasing it until they are dry of energy. I myself never really enjoyed drama yet I was surrounded by it growing up. Even during my weekly routine of waking up, skating, writing, and then going to work, I am still following by it.

Usually trying to keep yourself absent minded from any dramatic situation helps but it’s always surprising to see how people love it so much. You’ll see facebook arguments, people with lightening fingers sending text, even retched confrontation. To me, its seems like this is all a game, which I will highly agree it is. People practice drama, day in and day out. People live, breathe, even feed themselves and their kids with drama. I really don’t like it and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I dislike the matter very much.

The skill people have in drama are amazing. For example, whenever Morgan (my ex) left me for some white dude (he msged me apologizing not to long ago) I watched drama unfold. Whats sad about the whole situation is that I took part in the mess but the drama was amusing on my behalf. Anyways, to cut through all all the bullshit, Morgans new man’s ex girlfriend was upset that they were dating. She wanted revenged and sought out my help. I was obliged to help her cause only becasue I was under the impression that I was helping out Morgan. (I’m a nice guy)

To avoid from exposing too much business, I’ll cut to the end. Morgan ended up messaging me about the whole situation which I took deep interest in becasue it was pretty funny. The fact that that another female wanted to a newly founded couples relationship suffer in turmoil was crazy. The act of drama filled the air and plummeted all at the same time leaving everyone dazed in a midst of confusion and hate. It didn’t stop there, it continued through some text and facebook messaging. As I sat there in the mix like ice floating in kool-aid, I watched as both parties skillfully attacked one another. I myself did a little too but I was unsuccessful and less of a threat.

The fact of the matter is, they have all been through some BS in their life that caused them to be soo good at trying to cut one another’s throats. It’s crazy.

That isn’t the only situation that made me think that people are skilled at this, I’ve seen many other situations flourish in a realm of stupidity and nonsense. You’d think that these people would be exasperated by all the conflict but I guess not.

My conclusion to this?

People spend too much time arguing with one another instead of showing care and love. We need to live and experience life, not argue and bicker with people who have made us upset. So if you are cleverly experienced in Drama, you should re-check your qualities.

~ Keep it all smiles

Untitled Batman 3 Coming Soon…?

So check it, I was on my old blog Lounge Chair and saw that I made a post about a Batman 3 movie that was set to be released July of this year! What shocked me the most was that how many views my blog got from just that one little post. I mean it was just a little paragraph and a flimsy photo like this one…

and from there the stats have been off the charts. Its crazy… While I’m on this topic I have come across that this is a well known rumor for a good 2 years maybe. I haven’t kept up with it not one bit.

(3 minutes of google Searching)

Okay…now I see whats up…The Dark Night Rises. I saw this ages ago on IMDb, this movie is supposed to come out July 20th and has a long list of cast members that I will not eeeven right on here. Just go here if you wanna see it => orrrrr you can just read the description about the movie that I provided below…

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes.

Oh, and here is the new movie picture…its EPIC!

Looks like my work here is done..some tags and I’m good to go. See ya!