Tumblr Photo Commentary

Here’s an excerpt from my tumblr

Alright so if you haven’t noticed I have been going on random tangents on all the photos I have been sharing. It’s something new I want to try since people just share photos with these itty bitty little captions on them saying this and that. Well you know what? I’m going to pioneer a new tumblr where we fucking write our hearts out becasue writing it’s a gift and we should use it until our fingers are tired and our coffee gets cold. People just need to learn how to have a little fun, there’s always sun outside but when the sun goes down what else is there to do when the temperature is below zero? Do you see where I’m going with this? Another tangent about nothing but we all strive to be something. haha.

If I am not on here making blog post I am more than likely sitting on tumblr rambling about a photo. it gets boring after a while so I usually come back here where I know intellectual post are applauded.