2018 & Im blogging again.

I’ve been silent for a while.

Not much has been floating around my mind to get me to hop on here and talk. I would typically voice my opinions on certain stuff and rant about life but as of late I just haven’t been feeling it.

I also have noticed that I start off all my blog post like this when I haven’t been much of an active blogger. It’s literally just a bunch of blah blah blah. But you know, guess that’s how life goes huh?

Anywho a lot of my time has been spent producing beats. In the beginning of 2016 I sat down behind my MacBook, downloaded the lite version of Ableton Live and began to make beats. After hours of YouTube videos I can finally say I’m a producer. I’m only declaring this because one of my beats made it onto an album that my friend is going to release. What’s crazy is that the beat is from my batch of what I call “Early Stages.” I remember the night like it was yesterday.

We were smoking weed in Matt’s garage, I grabbed the laptop and started playing shit I made. My boy Marc who was hanging out that day instantly started to vibe and the rest is history. Since then I think my beats have gotten better, I judge that perception based on what my friends think and if their heads or nodding.

It’s just the beginning though, I’ll forever be a student of music.

~ keep it all smiles

Sorry Folks, Its Been a While

I haven’t been committed to writing on my site daily as I did earlier in the year. Its not that I haven’t run out of ideas, it’s the fact that I wanted to make post that dig deeper than just me scratching the surface. Other than that, I’ve low-key been behind the scenes piecing articles about stuff I want together and have also been writing daily on AndroidHeadlines.

Other than that, here’s a quick update on my life.

I think the last time I was here I made a post about the SnowStorm that was headed our way. Since then we have run into another big snowstorm that came and went. The snow literally blanketed Louisville for a day and quickly melted and returned back to the lakes and rivers. Personally I was devastated because I wanted to go out and take photos of the snow and try to get some cool angles. But guess what? I didn’t happen.

Besides my sadness over the snow melting, I’m really hoping that we get an even BIGGER snow storm next time around. In the midst of all this madness, I’ve been working as usual, even staying up longer just so I can get in some reading time or just to record some music. See my goal is to become a much quicker reader while being able to comprehend every little bit of info I come across, and also I’m trying to make better music so of course I got to stay in the studio longer.

So that’s just a little update of what’s been keeping me away from here. I’ll talk to you guys soon… maybe sooner than you think.

~ Keep it all smiles

Kanye Took The Wraps off No More Parties in L.A. ft. Kendrick Lamar


7 hours ago from this blogpost, Kanye West released the most anticipated song of the year featuring no other than Kendrick Lamar. The song in my opinion is spectacular!!! K.Dot went off on his verse and Kanye says, “the writers block is over.”

Check it out for yourself!