The internet is full of awesome stuff. From cat videos to Mia Khalifa clips, there’s a lot out there to discover. One thing in particular are memes. I fucking hate them, but I have learned to live with them as they come and go poking fun at different people. Last night while I was at work, I saw a meme saying, “You’re soul mate is out there baning other people.” I’m not sure why but that shit kind of struck me in the heart and made me feel a little cold on the inside. Shit like that makes me want to hate the world and people that occupy it. Like fuck man, I get it, I’m single, no girlfriend or anything and you got to throw it in my GODDAMN face that whoever I’m destined to be with is taking a cum shot to the face.

As we all should know, the internet and social media sites that belong to it isn’t anything but a place where we all seek acceptance from one another. We blantely shoot out our random thoughts in hopes for likes, comments, and shares. Those are our initial and final goals when it comes to the internet. For me, its come to a hateful point. I dislike people on forums, I hate people who add me on facebook just to disagree with me, and to top it all off, I hate when people on twitter hype up the most dullest shit ever. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THAT WHITE BOY THAT WORKS AT TARGET, HE’S A FUCK BOY!

Oh, can we also talk about how the internet is not helping shape the future at all! I mean shit, you would think that people would use the internet to expand their knowledge, but no. People waste their lives reading bullshit BuzzFeed articles and jerking off to iFunny pictures. Now tell me, what have you learned at the end of this? NOTHING GODDAMN IT! This is why I fucking hate the internet. The internet is full of vile language that is intended to contradict what you say in a sloppy fashion.

But I can’t complain… I’m a damn slave to the rhythm.

~ Keep it all smiles