17 Years Ago…

17 Years ago a boy was born. A boy born into a torn and cruel world. A boy born into a world full of money and greed. A boy born into a simple life that will soon have him making difficult chocies. Choices that will effect his life in good ways and in bad. This boy grew up tall and handsom, quiet but talkative, fast but still slow. There were the good things about this boy and then the bad things. Yet this boy is a growing boy with a bright but blurry future. The future depends on him. He can either do this, or he can either do that but it all depends on him. Right now this may seem like this boy is all alone in the world with no help and no one to look upon to for help. All of  the people he can try to go to will just lead him down the wrong path. But then there are the people who accept him, accept him for who he really is. This boy is me.

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