Stop Stepping on Me

I’m tired of people walking all over me telling me what to do.


~ keep it all smiles

I Really Hate Drama in The Work Place


I really dislike drama.

I dislike drama so much that I sometimes don’t even want to go to work becasue I would rather not deal with any of the bafoons in there. Last night had to have been one of the childish acts I have seen in such a long time at UPS. Heres how the story goes…

We started at 9:30 last night becasue we picked up 11 more trucks from the Lexington Hub. Everything was fine and dandy the first 2 hours of the night. I think it was around 2AM I got thirsty and all my Heine Brothers tea was gone so I decided to walk down to the main break room. The main break room has a card reader and as you know, us millennial’s don’t ever carry cash. I picked up a blue powerade and some munchies along with some sweet and spicy peanuts. I made my way back down to my area which is on the other side of the building. I walk fast bobbing up and down so I made it back in no time.

I took a look at my belt which of course backed up but not red lighting, which is a good thing. I ran in and began to clear off anything. I remember I took a look down and saw what I thought was my load stand. I tried to push it back but it didn’t move. I got confused as hell thinking back to earlier in the night if I had two load stands to begin with. I grabbed the fairly new looking load stand and slung it out of the truck . I hurried to clear off my belt and then proceeded to ask my co-workers for answers.

The first person that I asked was little ol bubble butt next door who just so happened to not be in her truck. I spotted her in the back by de-scale chopping it up with Jessica. I briskly made my way over and asked her how long have I had two load stands in my truck. As I said that Jessica and her friend Sarah both looked in surprise and a little bit of laughter. Still confused I asked, “Wait what happened?” According to Jessica, when her and Sarah went out on a smoke break, they saw my supervisor go and grab the load stand that Sarah usually sits on and throw it in my truck.

As I recall, before I even walked back to de-scale to begin asking questions, I ran into Andrew (the supervisor, sup)who played dumb as hell when I asked him why there were two load stands in my truck. Still playing stupid, he kicks the load stand under Stephs belt and walks off.

Anyways, Sarah gave me the full scoop on what happened.

Earlier in the night Sarah approached me asking who is supposed to be doing the Chase truck becasue it was red lighting. That truck is usually done by my homies Daimont and Brandon but since we were short of staff we had to cover trucks that were either getting hit or about too. Chase was slow in beginning of the night but gradually picked up as the night grew. I told her I didn’t know where he was and ran back to once again clear my belt.

According to Sarah she said she went down to the office to find Andrew who was in there eating chips and talking to another sup. Being calm and collect, she told him what was going on then walked out of the office. What seemed like a sheer act of respect turned for the worse when he followed her all the way back talking shit into her ear.

[Brief intermission]

First of all, How in the hell are you a supervisor acting like a child?! The shit does not make any sense!


[End of intermission]

So at about this point, I eventually ran into Andrew who had a mouth full of chips and mumbled for me to clear off Chase in which I did.

Then of course all that other stuff happened and yeah, end of story.

Stuff like this makes me question my presence in the facility. I mean, I am only there just for school but I’m not even doing good at that (Check archive for that). I really hate working with the people there too becasue of the high turn over rate so we’re always getting newbs. Some are cool some are not.

But yeah, work drama sucks.

~ Keep it all smiles

The Game Vehemently Questions Bill Cosby Case

Source: The Game Vehemently Questions Bill Cosby Case


Let talk about this for a second. The game makes some valid statements here and its on right to consider his opinion. I mean why did it take these females who claimed to have been raped over 10 years? Shouldn’t that be something you report to the police right after it happened? I know that I cannot speak for these woman but maybe its was fear that kept them from telling? I’m not sure, its the fact that they put this man into custody, take a mugshot of him and this was all based off what a bunch of woman said. Yet as Game points out in his open letter, Police officers who shot and killed plenty of black males on video are enjoying the new year as a FREE man.

What sense does that make?


Why You Have To Make Him Sweat It Out In The Friend Zone First (bish wut?)

Okay now its my turn.

I read this article all the way through and thought to myself, “Hey, the friend zone isn’t all what its made out to be.” I’ve never been friend zoned but the main point of this article is not about the friend zone. Its about building a standing relationship with someone.

Now the only problem that I had while reading this is that “We” the men are supposed to go out of are way and work our asses off to get to know the female. Yes this is true but the relationship will not work unless the opposite sex is doing the same too. So if I’m trying to figure out what kind of Chinese Food she likes, she needs to be learning whether or not I want the Soy Sauce on my rice or egg rolls.

Last but not least, I don’t like the name “Friend Zone.” I feel like females have turned that name into something guys don’t want to hear. I mean hell, when I see the friend zone I see the opposite of what exactly is supposed to happen. I see the female talking to every guy leading a bunch on and all this other nonsense. I think we should change the name to “We are Friends Right Now” or something.

The article of which I am writing about is down below for you to check out.

~ Keep it all smiles


Time is the ultimate test.

Source: Why You Have To Make Him Sweat It Out In The Friend Zone First

Its about 3:35 in The Morning


Its a little bit after 3AM and here I am quietly typing away my thoughts on a computer that at one point, I would have never dreamed of owning. Its the little things in life that we take for granted though. If I didn’t have this fancy computer I probably would have had a Chromebook or something. Pretty much a little rig that can’t do anything but let me type on it. With my current station, I can create music, edit photos, and so much more awesome stuff!

Thats all besides the point. The point that I am trying to mention is my place in life. I often question it and never give myself an answer because I feel like its diabolical. Its kind of scary to think but I always push that thought off to the side. A lot of times when the topic does pop up is when I’m on top of a roof cleaning a hood with my dad. Its not the best job in the world but its all the old man knows how to do.

I feel and see a lot of lacking in my life. There isn’t a lot there but a bunch of emptiness and cold chilling air that occasionally creeps up your spine. Its all too surreal but like I said earlier, I try not to think about it and go on about my day.

It still bothers me though. I want to know more but I know that knowing will kill me. I still can’t let a small reason stop me as I journey into the mist. It some times makes me sick to my stomach but in the end I always feel better. Kind of like when you throw up. haha!

ill find it soon

~ Keep it all smiles

Just a few thoughts…


2015 was a good year. It was a learning experience and a great time. I met a lot of great people and I am glad to have run into them. 2016 will be a new year full of excitement and more learning. The goal is to never stop learning and to keep pushing forward because living in the past keeps you at bay.

My goals for the new year are simple. I plan to crack open more books, blog waaay more than usual, get a sponsorship as a skateboarder, and watch  my rap career flourish. Right now my list is looking tough but I never said that my goals would be easy. Theres so much in the world I need to get done right now its not even funny.

As long as I stay focused and keep going nothing can stop me.

~ Keep it all smiles

Oh’ But Thats None of My Business


I am so stoned right now I can’t even see straight. This has been one hell of a night. I don’t think I can handle drunk people in the future but oh well, I guess thats life. Thats no disrespect at all and I know people want to take it that way but really, it isn’t anything. Anyways its the beginning of the new year and moments like these make me dread whats coming up. I have these big dreams and goals of real live success and I know that its there I just have to grab it.

This entire time I feel like I have been playing but its all good, I’ll just have to keep pushing down the road full of rocks and what not. Yeah I know, such an odd thing to say but lets not get into all of that right now. At this point we all just need to roll a joint and get super stoned. I mean what else can we do right now? I bet all the people in upper management smoke weed. I mean why wouldn’t you. You work at a shitty place with a shitty job title, and you act like you like that?! Come ON!

Its people like McSwain that makes me mad because they talk as if UPS is the god of all jobs. Like no! If that was the case, why in the hell is Chelsea going to Ford? These are the brain washed money hungry people in life. They want you to feel like you are succeeding but there really using you. You got to think about it these days, these folks don’t play around with bullshit like they used to back in the day. These streets done got cold but the ice tea stay bold. Its just all preference.

But thats none of my business.

~ Keep it all smiles

Let Me Tell You About My Life


In 2011 I wouldn’t have never thought that I would be where I am at today. Like back then I can really say that I had childish thoughts. I mean I was just in high school, I believe it was Junior year. I remember just looking off into the future dreaming of going AM for some skate team. I had it all planned out. But now as I look at everything I guess my heart wasn’t really where I wanted it to be. I really want this, I want to be able to skate any everywhere that I want and actually make a living from it. Maybe its my fear of hitting rails? I don’t know, I don’t mean to sound like a “diva” or anything.

Going back to the top, none of this seems to be real right now. I feel like I had other great plans and ideas. I literally got out of school and went into the world with no aim. I think I should have stuck with writing during the entire time. If I did that I would have gone way further than where I am right now with this. Its just so frustrating, my emotions run amidst a sea of dreadful and uncaring thoughts. I’m twisted in the head. I think thats my reasoning for smoking weed so  much now. I have not other way of coping with my insanity. Its so bad, like I have a serious problem.

I can’t say that I will ever try to get this fixed but as far as I see right now? I won’t. I’m sorry for being such a waste to the world. But I regret saying that because this world means nothing to me if it choose’s to look down on me. Theres no need for the pity or the whiny ass “I’m sorrys” I don’t got time for that shit. Just leave me be dammit!

Anyways, thats me just ranting about life. Sorry for the depressing moment.

ps. You know I can’t leave you guys on a sad note. Keep up and stay humble and let the Universe work in your favor. Holla .

~ Keep it all smiles

Oh Snap They Got Bill Cosby

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too much of a fan of Bill Cosby’s stand up but Fat Albert and The Cosby Show was my shit!!! After the allegations about Cosby came out, we were all stunned. I honestly didn’t want to believe it but I forgot that he was a back man so their gonna throw bricks on top of him heavy. I just walked out of the living room after watching one of those CNN round table conversations and I noticed that they have charged him with Aggravated Assault.

Its kinda fucked up when you think about it. This man has a LEGACY! A large one at that and nobody will ever look passed that when the name Cosby is brought up now. Hell, if these “Allegations” are true, how in the FUCK did these females remember so much and why did they wait so long for? Was it some type of remorse? Did they not want to get him in trouble while he was still young and felt that it was better for him to serve his time in prison was an old man? Either way its all fuckery. (Sorry for the vulgar language).

It just upsets me thats all. They’re doing the same thing that they did to Michael Jackson. If its a conspiracy than thats why Michael is dead, he got off Scott free from those allegations. Cosby on the other hand, if convicted, he’ll be gone for a long time. Like I said, its just all pure fuckery.

ps. Let us not let the legacy of Bill Cosby die. We can’t let a bunch of females who claimed that they were raped by him ruin what he created. You got to separate the man from the art.

pss. Bill Cosby is out on bail right now but is indeed facing aggravated assault charges.

~ Keep it all smiles

I Don’t Always Get High

  As the title reads, take it how you would like. Haha, yeah so I’m pretty stoned right now but I wanted to get on here and talk you y’all a bit. “Oh so what do you want you fucking weed addict!” I’m first of all let’s clear the air a little bit. I am not a weed addict. I just smoke marijuana on a regular basis because it helps with my minor depression and the fact that I have a lousy out look on life.

I mean it isn’t that bad, I usually look at it is a type of self medication. For example, there is nothing wrong, I’m just high. That statement may sound a very abstract and out there, but don’t question it and just pretend. I mean hell, I know you do anyways because life isn’t what it seems. How so? Let’s take a book and open it. There’s a lot of pages isn’t it? Pages are paper, a common material that is used for a lot of stuff. Now, let’s take paper and put words on it. What have we done? We’ve gave it power!

It makes all sense but hey, I got to stop talking right now. My buddy Daimont is playing Hannibal Buress on his iPhone 4s. (He occasionally argues with Siri). So anyways, I’m going to go.

Ps. Smoke weed

Pss. Everyday

~ Keep it all smiles