I Really Hate Drama in The Work Place


I really dislike drama.

I dislike drama so much that I sometimes don’t even want to go to work becasue I would rather not deal with any of the bafoons in there. Last night had to have been one of the childish acts I have seen in such a long time at UPS. Heres how the story goes…

We started at 9:30 last night becasue we picked up 11 more trucks from the Lexington Hub. Everything was fine and dandy the first 2 hours of the night. I think it was around 2AM I got thirsty and all my Heine Brothers tea was gone so I decided to walk down to the main break room. The main break room has a card reader and as you know, us millennial’s don’t ever carry cash. I picked up a blue powerade and some munchies along with some sweet and spicy peanuts. I made my way back down to my area which is on the other side of the building. I walk fast bobbing up and down so I made it back in no time.

I took a look at my belt which of course backed up but not red lighting, which is a good thing. I ran in and began to clear off anything. I remember I took a look down and saw what I thought was my load stand. I tried to push it back but it didn’t move. I got confused as hell thinking back to earlier in the night if I had two load stands to begin with. I grabbed the fairly new looking load stand and slung it out of the truck . I hurried to clear off my belt and then proceeded to ask my co-workers for answers.

The first person that I asked was little ol bubble butt next door who just so happened to not be in her truck. I spotted her in the back by de-scale chopping it up with Jessica. I briskly made my way over and asked her how long have I had two load stands in my truck. As I said that Jessica and her friend Sarah both looked in surprise and a little bit of laughter. Still confused I asked, “Wait what happened?” According to Jessica, when her and Sarah went out on a smoke break, they saw my supervisor go and grab the load stand that Sarah usually sits on and throw it in my truck.

As I recall, before I even walked back to de-scale to begin asking questions, I ran into Andrew (the supervisor, sup)who played dumb as hell when I asked him why there were two load stands in my truck. Still playing stupid, he kicks the load stand under Stephs belt and walks off.

Anyways, Sarah gave me the full scoop on what happened.

Earlier in the night Sarah approached me asking who is supposed to be doing the Chase truck becasue it was red lighting. That truck is usually done by my homies Daimont and Brandon but since we were short of staff we had to cover trucks that were either getting hit or about too. Chase was slow in beginning of the night but gradually picked up as the night grew. I told her I didn’t know where he was and ran back to once again clear my belt.

According to Sarah she said she went down to the office to find Andrew who was in there eating chips and talking to another sup. Being calm and collect, she told him what was going on then walked out of the office. What seemed like a sheer act of respect turned for the worse when he followed her all the way back talking shit into her ear.

[Brief intermission]

First of all, How in the hell are you a supervisor acting like a child?! The shit does not make any sense!


[End of intermission]

So at about this point, I eventually ran into Andrew who had a mouth full of chips and mumbled for me to clear off Chase in which I did.

Then of course all that other stuff happened and yeah, end of story.

Stuff like this makes me question my presence in the facility. I mean, I am only there just for school but I’m not even doing good at that (Check archive for that). I really hate working with the people there too becasue of the high turn over rate so we’re always getting newbs. Some are cool some are not.

But yeah, work drama sucks.

~ Keep it all smiles

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