Its about 3:35 in The Morning


Its a little bit after 3AM and here I am quietly typing away my thoughts on a computer that at one point, I would have never dreamed of owning. Its the little things in life that we take for granted though. If I didn’t have this fancy computer I probably would have had a Chromebook or something. Pretty much a little rig that can’t do anything but let me type on it. With my current station, I can create music, edit photos, and so much more awesome stuff!

Thats all besides the point. The point that I am trying to mention is my place in life. I often question it and never give myself an answer because I feel like its diabolical. Its kind of scary to think but I always push that thought off to the side. A lot of times when the topic does pop up is when I’m on top of a roof cleaning a hood with my dad. Its not the best job in the world but its all the old man knows how to do.

I feel and see a lot of lacking in my life. There isn’t a lot there but a bunch of emptiness and cold chilling air that occasionally creeps up your spine. Its all too surreal but like I said earlier, I try not to think about it and go on about my day.

It still bothers me though. I want to know more but I know that knowing will kill me. I still can’t let a small reason stop me as I journey into the mist. It some times makes me sick to my stomach but in the end I always feel better. Kind of like when you throw up. haha!

ill find it soon

~ Keep it all smiles

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