My Cypher

It was all good just a week ago, I looked at my self, then watched the pendalum stop, they freed them selves, so where do I go yo, its another day, its a new show, with some new foes, look at that, are you telling me, its not a fact? Why should I beleive what you say huhhh? Well if lifes a B*tch then eat a d*ck huhhhh? I bet I blow the whole click upppp, well by the way you should jump a bridge sucka, just forget it, I saught it, you didn’t, like that book man I read it, unlike you motha f*cka get it, no money tho but still I kill it orderly, supposbly or was I kidding about the order G, historically I’m heel flipping like stevie williams playa, going HAM playa, me and my skata’s, I’m still young and dumb, thinking about having some kids, but I been practicing with new tricks that are too cold for thiss, with a few black girls, asses bigger then her tits, sex so good damn a pimp glad he hit, got em jumpin out the building, look out bellow, here come somemore, now you I went HAM!

1 thought on “My Cypher”

  1. I am very happy to tell you that your entire posts are amazing and I really love the way you put each and every sentence. I would rate you 8.75 out of 10. Brilliant work,Get going. Your sense of grammar is simply outstanding. Carry on the good work.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

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