The Statement Part 2

Originally Posted to facebook on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 11:29pm

I would like to welcome you, to my world of,
Stupid friends dumb brawds,
What the f*** they trick me for? So whatt,
They tryna choose for my heart,
They must not really know what I really want, its obvious they don’t,
So don’t they ever, ever, ever, come and take me apart,
Come talking about she the right one for me, as I see, I fu** around and not mess with thee,
Coming from the guy with a cold heart and see’s, that I’ll be alone for ever until death over takes me, Pick and choose, pick and choose, no I gotta stop, stupid cooze go for another guy who’s hot,
Eat a d***, get a life you a gold digger,
I’m a slim half breed who in heart is a big winner,
There not mature but I’m still not, old enough to see that this is all just a big wad, of stupid bullsh** wrapped up in a plastic bag and thrown in the dumpster type sh**. FUCK A RELATIONSHIP AND FUCK THE DUMB FUCKS FOR PUTTING my mind in this trance.

I kinda loose it towards the end

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