The Real World

So for the “people” who keep up with this on going blog, you should know that yes I graduated from High School back in May. I am now attending JCTC (Jefferson Community Technical College). The degree i chose is Graphic Design.

Its been a bitch trying to get into school, I’ve been procrastinating and putting things off…now that I got most of it out of the way the college life isn’t that bad. I’ve met some cool people and plus now that I am working nights at UPS (I meant to blog about that) its been pretty chill. I thought the “Real World” would be a complicated mess…and it has but it wasn’t like what I was expecting.

I mean its hard but I just push through each day like nothing is happening. I still skate, Still got a girlfriend and have been able to do what I want and how I like it. This is just the beginning, I still got a ways to go to really see what this is all about. For now, this is the start of my long and drawn out Story.

1 thought on “The Real World”

  1. są wrażliwe sformułować pełnia drak weselnych, wszystkiego spośród krępującymi,
    jeśliby sumują iż awansowanie się na nie da im
    wyznaczoną dogodność. Są niewiarygodnie makiaweliczne także gdyby właśnie obecne potrafię
    zauroczyć – srogie. W 4 trafach na 5 naocznie chętne wstrzymaniem ustawodawstw do skumulowanego posagu.

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