When I Discovered EDM


I started listening to EDM during the summer of 2014. The first song I ever heard was a song buy Haywyre entitled Everchanging. This is another reason of why I love weed, while I was listening to the song I was engulfed in to a spiritual journey in my head. The melodies of the song carried me away blissfully as I sat back and enjoyed the journey.

The next day when I awoke, I was excited to plug in my earbuds and jam those tunes again. But the question that daunted me was whether I would enjoy the music sober. I was in a rush to get up because I had to work with my dad so I didn’t get a chance to play it until I was on the job. Once I was there I played the last song from his album called “Voice of Reason.” From the begining instruments to the deep whiny voice repeatedly saying “Why don’t you listen to me?” I was hooked.

Listening to Haywyre alone and surfing soundcloud for more music opened a new door for me. A door that I never thought I would open. Now here I am a today sitting in my mothers car listening too Dichotomy by Haywyre.

Isn’t it crazy where life takes you?

~ Keep it all smiles

4 thoughts on “When I Discovered EDM”

  1. I was into heavy metal (mostly) and rock before discovering the electronic music genres. Nowadays I can’t stand most of the music I used to listen those days, I was very young by then and preferences change I guess. I still listen some rock/metal songs and also a bit of rap music or random catchy main stream pop songs but almost all of what I listen is house/garage/disco/glitch hop/trance/psytrance/VGM/dubstep.

  2. In my case I was already listening to several electronic music genres before using any substance, but I find that certain drugs make it easier to appreciate music genres unbeknownst to me, instead of outright disregarding it because “I don’t like this kind of music”. I guess that maybe it’s similar to what happened to you.

    What kinds of music were you into before?

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