Adventures With Pig Meat


Im restlessly waiting for the pork ribs that I put into the microwave to be warm. Last night was my first time ever having ribs.

5 minutes later…

Okay, I have retrieved them from the microwave. Do you got to heat them at a different temperature or something? I don’t know, all I know is that I really don’t eat pork often. I mean the only type of pig product I have been eating is bacon. Only thing with that is I eat bacon when I go to Waffle House, and I’m not even there that often. But ribs is a new thing to me. Before taking a bite I went through this mental onslaught of memories of people talking about eating ribs and barbecues and stuff. It was very weird.

Anyways, here I am at 6 in the morning talking about eating swine! Look, we call all agree that I am very stoned now and that the barbecue licking that I am doing is amazing!!!!! But I have nothing better to do but go and update my blog about a new experience I am having. It sounds crazy right?

~ Keep it all smiles

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