Eating Pickles in Milk Is Foul


Source: Jenns Blah Blah Blog

So I’m on facebook and I scroll down and run into a screen shot that my buddy Cj shared of a bowl of milk with pickles in it. The caption said “You ain’t from Michigan if you haven’t had this!” It had to have been the most foul picture I have ever seen other than the blue waffle photos. haha

Anyways, my homie Dakotah commented on their some some typical Dakotah shit, “Idk in any universe that would be good and this is coming from a guy that eats peanut butter on his Bologna and mix grape soda into tea Lol I’ve done some weird shit but this is weird on a whole other universal scale.”

Now lets focus on the part where he said peanut butter and bologna, plus the grape soda and tea. Those aren’t near as bad when I dared him to snort pepper (which he did), and when I gave him the rest of my M&M’s that played around in my socks before passing them to him. LMAO!

Those were the good ol’ days, harmless pranks, tea, skateboarding and video games.

I think I’m going to cry… lol.

I just thought I would share that random thought with you guys. It was pretty funny. Oh but the pickles in a bowl of milk…NASTY!

ps. I just ran across the video of Dakotah drink tea mixed with grape soda. I forgot we even made this. I think we were Juniors in high school. haha

~ Keep it all smiles

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