Its Saturday Evening… whew


I made it through the long stressful week of work. I also signed up for College Algebra this past Thursday so I’m all set for the semester. I’m really not looking forward to this but oh well, I’m just hoping I can change my major soon. I’m currently considered a business major but after a little research online I think I want to become a digital journalist.

It fits me right? I love to write and a lot of my writing has been posted online to this blog or Android Headlines. I get a joy out of making post. I figured that since this is something that comes easy to me I should just pursue a career in it, even if I suck at it. lol

I don’t think I’m too bad of a writer though. I guess you can judge by the way I formulate my blogpost but that shouldn’t be the case. Its a blog, I’ll continue to write how I like on here. (You damn right).

Digital journalism sounds fun though. I’m not to fond about the whole sitting in an office thing so I’m hoping that once I reach the level where I can intern I end up at one of those companies that treat you like google. I’m trying to walk in and see the big cafeteria with the healthy food, people rolling around on scooters, big comfy couches and whatever the hell else they have.

We need fun to grow and complete task. Its the only way to swiftly move through life without even noticing the pot holes. Take it from me, afrodamus.

~ Keep it all smiles

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