Family isn’t just blood, Apply it.


When the world Family pops in your head, what do you automatically think of?

Your really close friends? Family at home?

At this point in my life I have begun to think that the word Family can mean anything. Now I don’t mean that you can walk up the street and just claim that random hobo your family member, but in essence, you can apply it just like that.

What got me thinking about this matter was while I was leaving work Monday morning after deicing planes all night. We hopped into the van and was on our way to the guard shack. As we rode along, dodging departing flights, I tuned in closely to the conversations going on in the back seats. What I heard was heart warming yet unnormal all at the same time.

What I witnessed was the dividing line that separates an individuals outside life from work life, fall apart into a bunch of rubble. I was amazed by the closeness that these deice employees had with one another. They literally talked as if they were kids together on the block playing hide and go seek. I felt a little uneasy hearing their words since I kind of knew a few of them and their lives outside of work. Some of them have been through heartache while others just live and everyday life. The happiness in their voices carried a high tune as they spoke on relationships, news, jokes, and anything else that they shared.

The entire time I couldn’t get over the fact that this was going on. My mind even drifted off, thinking about the other small little groups of people that considered one another family. I even caught a glimpse of the photo of Debbie (Head of the Deice Coordinators) along with the other deice coordinators. I even had stories fill my head from past conversation that I meddled in from family affairs to shit talk. The numerous thoughts that went through my head were a bit overwhelming but they filled me with joy that this was out here.

I was raised t0 believe (mainly from my cousin) that family are the people who are in your family tree. As I grew older and began to make close friends myself, I quickly discovered that blood doesn’t make up family. Just because you’re “cousin” is considered a family member doesn’t mean you have to claim them, especially if they are a jerk and treat you like a turd.

I’m glad to have had this experience.

I’m glad I became a deicer at UPS.

I am glad that I know what family is… a group of individuals that cares for your existence and will go out of their way to do anything that will help you grow.

~ Keep it all smiles

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