Thank You Martin Luther King


In the world as we know it, hate fuels intentions and emotions. Overcoming adversity in this life is hard but can be done. Martin Luther King believed we needed to live in a world that allowed everyone to be equal no matter what color your skin was. He gave speeches, held marches, and more than likely had those sleepless nights where he worried for himself and his family.

On this day, January 18th 2016, we need to stop what we are doing and be thankful for how far we have come. Us millennials haven’t been through the traject hardships our grandparents went through but we’re still close to the pain and agony they went through. Growing up as a brown kid in America has really given me an open mind on life. Viewing life from the opposite side gave me the opportunity to see the world for what it really is. I’m not saying that if you are white or any other race you won’t see the world as I do, but the background that I come from really has given me a unique perspective.

Today I would like to Thank Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for everything he went through to get me where I am in life. If MLK hadn’t fought for our rights as humans than this blog may not be here on the internet. In addition, the almost decent world we live in wouldn’t have been molded into the way it is today. We still have a long way to go but the truth is, we will never be equal. No matter what we do in this life, we will never be on the same page. The only thing we can do is come together and practice peace with one another.

Hatred will always be apart of human nature and sadly we must accept this dastardly principal in life. The only good we can achieve lies in the individual. Bettering ourselves and treating people with the kind of respect we would like to see can go a long way. If we can spread more positivity in this world than we can make it a better place, even with all the terrorism, school shootings, and violence that plagues us.

Remember what MLK said… “I Have a Dream.”

~ Keep it all smiles

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