Shit My Dad Says

My dad says a lot of crazy stuff.

For example:

“Where’s the plumber at? He must’ve stopped at the weed mans house.”

Do you seeing what I’m saying? Just because the plumber didn’t show up on time today my father automatically assumed that he made a stop at the weed mans house before he came to fix our clogged sink.

Heres another example:

“Fatima (my sister) Krogers out of milk. (My sister got confused as shit when he said that… I did too.) All of the Krogers are out of milk. They said they got Chocolate, but I don’t want chocolate, I want vanilla!”

Okay, so you might be puzzled as to what type of milk my dad is talking about. My dad has diabetes, so he drinks Carbsmart milk. His favorite flavor is Vanilla but when he asked one of the people are Kroger if they had it he was informed that all of the Krogers in town were out. Why he made just a big deal out of it we will never know but that’s just how my dad is.

So yeah, just thought I would share with you those random spurts of nonsense my father usually brings to the table.

~ Keep it all smiles


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