Dear Snow… I Love You… To Infinity


I’m anxiously awaiting your arrival. I look forward to you every year.

When it’s cold outside I sit down on the cold asphalt driveway of mine and wish for a snowy winter.

…I like the snow.

My fear and agony that I hold deep inside of my chest lay there resting when you come, waiting for the snow to melt so they can come back in haunt me. But while you are here I am safe, covered and overwhelmed by your cold and glistening white.

I’m never prepared for you snow. You seem to show up whenever I need you, like right now. I’ve been waiting since last year when you dropped mounds of snow on top of my city. Did I ever tell you that I was deicing UPS airplanes until 10am the next day at work? I racked in a lot of money that day… money that I used to probably buy a pack of cigarettes and pay for my shitty phone service.

When I hear about you on the news before your arrival I always turn to the skies. The weathermen may say one thing but I always look towards the blanket that shields space in search of your pink haze that you bring to the clouds. That’s how I verify that you’re on the way. It’s a chilling but yet thrilling experience to see how you can make such an effect on the sky above me.

When you slowly begin to come down to earth like a parachute, I let out a sigh of relief. I try my best to conceal my excitement becasue I know it will not last long. I spend hours on the internet watching the temperatures so I can make sure how long your presence will be here. You always bring this type of closeness with you every time you come. I don’t feel alone when you’re here; blanketing my front yard and the streets that lead me to other places than home.

The sadness strikes when I go to sleep with the fear of waking up to clear skies and a bright sun. Although everyone hates you, I’m the one that loves you. Unlike anything on this world, you bring comfort to my life.

Thanks Snow.

~ Keep it all smiles

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