Snow Storm Part 2

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“We dodged a bullet!”

Those were the first words my dad said to me as soon as he opened his eyes and turned the TV on to check the weather. I myself woke up to a bit of disappointment becasue I was really hoping for a foot of snow. It’s okay though, we still got some time. It’s only January, this isn’t going to be the first snow storm of the year.

The worst part of the storm headed down south of us dropping more than a foot of snow on the southern counties of Kentucky. Here in Louisville we got just less than an inch which was the sad part for me. I guess I used the law of attraction against me… lol.

The other day while I was listening to NPR as I drove home from school, they were doing an interview with snow plow drivers up in New York or Baltimore (Sorry I can’t remember). One driver said that if the snow is just as bad as it was last year he was going to quit his job, leaving the truck on the side of the road running. Thats pretty bold if you ask me but hell, I feel his pain since I’m a deicer at UPS.

To be honest though, I was really hoping for a lot of snow. The eastern states are getting a blizzard while I’m here gazing out the window wishing that yesterday’s snow was covered again. Oh well, guess I’ll just wait until the next storm, let’s cross fingers guys!

~ Keep it all smiles

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