January is Almost Over?

What the hell man! I feel like we literally just stepped into the new year. Here it is January 25th and my buddy Brentez’s birthday and J.Coles are 3 days away! Its funny how as children we aspire to already be adults not knowing about the haunting futures ahead of us. I honestly wish I could tell my younger self to chill the fuck out with wanting to be grown becasue it isn’t fun. We spend most of our lives as adults and only get to be careless for a mere 17 years.

Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this. Either that or I just need to quit smoking. I’m also behind on a lot of stuff, like the daily quote that should be on my site, my homework, and also the books that I am reading. I need to get back in the sing becasue every weekend my pace gets slowed down becasue I have to work for my dad. Most people get weekends where they just chill and get homework done, guess who doesn’t? I’m not saying that everyone is like that, I know people that have to work weekends like I do but they never enjoy it.

I think what I need is a better schedule but my sleep is all over the place that its hard to do. I guess this this is where a little growing up and going to sleep early does, but I hate going to sleep early. I would totally just stay up late on the weekends doing what I do but my dad is always in my ear talking about racism or some political shit that at this time in my life I don’t care about. (See how I worded that? I’ll probably care about it when I’m 30…but not now). I’m 22 fucking years old man, I gotta to get my shit together but my dad is holding me back from my true potential. I’ve been thinking about moving out but that would be way to hard since I don’t have a car and need to get to work and school some how. I guess I could just quit school and catch the tarc to work. But I don’t want to give up on school just yet becasue I want to become a journalist and don’t know of anything else that will help me develop those skills. Not to mention that most places want you to have a degree in Journalism.

Fuck man, this sucks ass.

~ Keep it all smiles

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