Why I Haven’t Dropped Out of College (Yet)

As much as I bitch and moan about college on the internet, you’d probably think that I just gave up on the whole thing and quit. But I haven’t. I’ve been in school for damn year 4 years and haven’t really gotten anywhere but to College Algebra (Which I totally should be studying for). There are many reasons of why I couldn’t have just quit but all of them would just be rubbish.

The real reason why I haven’t quit college is becasue of what a group of old black guys who were paving our driveway back in 2010. I was in highschool, I think it was my sophomore year too, and I had just got home from school when I seen all these old black dudes laying asphalt in my driveway. I quickly ran into the house to drop my stuff and eagerly ran back out to watch them assemble my new driveway.

*As a side note, don’t get some old black guys from your ghetto neighborhood to lay new asphalt in your driveway. Our someone new driveway is trashed and falling apart, but hey, they tried.*

As they made their way from the garage to the patio door, I remember looking at them as they wiped sweat off their foreheads from the extreme heat the asphalt gave off. Tired and dirty, they kept moving, throwing and flattening asphalt. As I stood by the patio door, I one of the old guys looked up and me and said, “Stay in school, go to college, you don’t want to do this.” Now considering the fact that I possibly recall seeing him at the liquor store, I took his word of advice. Deep down this man probably wishes that he would have done something better with his life instead of waste it looking for fun inside of a bottle. It was either or he just saw me as a kid and figured he would say some adult stuff.

Till this day those words from that old black guy still linger in my head. Even when I am in class trying to figure out what the fuck a Quadratic Equation is supposed to do, I hear his faint grumbles.

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