We’re Adults Longer Than We Are Kids


I know I should probably be studying for this quiz so I don’t fail it like I did my last one, but I have to clear my mind of these thoughts real fast so I can focus my attention on Inequalities.

As usually, after work this morning I went over to my buddy Daimont’s where we had a conversation of higher thoughts. A thought that I was thinking about a few days ago popped up and it had to deal with adulthood.

Once you hit 21 you are a full on adult. You can practically do ANYTHING. We can totally scratch the age 18 off the list becasue we all know that you got to be 21 to walk up into the club. As an adult though we take on more responsibility – unless you live at home like I do – and that can take up a lot of precious time. We all have our own interest in life and trying to balance that along with a job and for the most part school, it gets tiring.

Like I was telling Daimont, I wish that I could go back and tell my younger self to enjoy the life of being a kid. I feel like as we grow up we want to take more responsibility and be an adult, but we forget that we are adults LONGER than we are as a kid. Think about it, as a kid all you had to do was pretty much tell you parents what your needs were. If you were hungry they fed you, if you fell and hurt yourself they bandaged you up. Our parents have done everything for us from putting a roof over our head and putting food on the table.

As an adult, all that responsibility that your parents had raising you now falls into your hands. All in all, being an adult is an extremely hard job… if you make it out to be that way. As the comedian Tyler Craig would say, “the moral of this story is,” Enjoy being a kid. If you’re grown and already got kids, let them live life to the fullest. If you don’t have any kids, smile when you see them to let them know that not everyone is bad.

~ Keep it all smiles

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