f o o d

Thanksgiving is literally this Thursday and it’s time for social media to get ni**afied again. I remember last year #BlackThanksgiving was trending for damn near a week and it had to be the funniest thing to hit the internet since “P.O.P HOLD IT DOWN.” Today as I scroll on my twitter feed I’m searching for that one hashtag that has the flamboyance of a gay man to make its way to the trending charts and destroy the internet once again as it did last year…

Okay but really though, I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. It’s the one and only holiday that isn’t centered around praising a little baby that was supposedly seeded by god and born by some random woman with a generic ass name. If I’m wrong about Thanksgiving not having a religious background than please correct me becasue my whole life I’ve been taught that we’re supposed to be giving Thanks. But let’s not forget the fact that the Pilgrims killed the natives like a day after (those white devils).

With my cousins Mac & Cheese on my mind, all last night while talking to my homies DMT and BEEZY B, I couldn’t help but think about food. I’m not sure if it’s becasue I hadn’t ate since 3PM yesterday or imaginary deviled eggs sounded really good. (By the way, are they called deviled eggs becasue white people are referred to as white devils by the NOI and deviled eggs are practically white?) Excuse my madness but Thanksgiving has to be the best holiday since Christmas. Like Christmas is fun, but it surely isn’t Thanksgiving.

~ Keep it all smiles

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