v a p i n g


As I watch the white dots slowly stack up and fall back down on the front of my mod, I question how safe it really is to vape… Okay not really, the juices they sell at the shop I go to are too good to pass up. I remember not to long ago my buddy Eric told me that even though he’s nearly winged himself off of those damn cancer sticks, he still wants to vape.

Personally I have nothing against what he’s saying other than the fact that he must want to continue vaping just to produce smoke like the rest of the millennials with a metal cylinder between their lips. For me, vaping was an escape from the toxic chemicals cigarettes offered. Since I quit, I can skateboard longer, rap without becoming winded, and feel a hella whole lot better. Not to mention that I haven’t had hayfever from allergies in a while.

The only reason why this topic has become a post on my site is becasue I saw a picture of a dude on his iPhone with a vape in his mouth. The image alone made me want to make fun of the hipster like picture being that the dude had on some boat shoes. When I look at vaping as a whole, it’s become a weird subculture that has taken over the minds of young people who want to be cool and wear clothes that are too tight and too big. I literally thought vaping was just for people who wanted to quit cigarettes, but I see and meet people who got into vaping because they wanted to blow huge smoke clouds and taste the joyous flavors.

In other words, the little kids I see at the skatepark, the grown ass men I see with man buns, and the weirdos who travel the country to enter in vaping events are just plain ol’ pussies in my eyes. I’m over here trying to fight the urge for a cigarette and these fools are blowing clouds because it “looks cool.” Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

I remember a couple of weeks ago this dude that works in the area right next to mine at work came in with a rose gold kanger vape. he was proudly puffing on it talking about the flavor he’s smoking and how much he paid for everything. I later ran into him and ask him how long he has been vaping just to see what this guy’s true intentions were. He proceeded to tell me that he used to vape a year ago and recently got the urge to vape again… Yes you read that right he “recently got the urge.” What kind of shit is that?! Please explain to me that logic behind this man’s statement?!


It makes me mad thinking about it but oh well.

~ Keep it all smiles

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