This past weekend, specifically on Valentine’s Day I dropped an EP entitled, “Greatest Works of Art, Come From a Broken Heart.” It’s actually a quote that I came up with one day and as many of us know, the statement is surprisingly true. Just give it a listen and tell me what you think.

ps. That broken skateboard thats in fire on the cover art was the board my ex gave me. I wonder if she noticed that when I sent her the track? Who knows, I’m just happen I made some good music.

~ Keep it all smiles


After discovering his mixtape in 2012, Big K.R.I.T. has managed to find extra storage space on all my mobile or desktop devices. From the soothing saxophone that starts off Boobie Miles, to the gritty southern trap beat that  stomps around King Of The South, KRIT has never failed to amaze me. His self produced songs and amazing lyricism puts him in my top list of favorite MCs. After almost 3 years, I actually got to see him live in concert at ForeCastle 2015 was the most heart warming thing ever. The power that music has can really change a person.

The energy at his show was impeccable. With fans and I jumping all over the place we really created some good vibes. The most I remember from the show was the thumping bass shaking the ground and Young Krizzle jumping all over the stage getting the crowd hype!!!

I’ve been to two concerts this year and one music festival and Big KRIT performing at ForeCastle had to have been the best show!

Ps. I almost cried tears of joy when he played his last song Mt Olympus and signed off stage.