Google Maps Adds ‘Explore around you’ in 5 New Countries


When it comes to getting around a new city or trying to find your buddy’s house in a neighborhood you have never been to before, Google Maps will perfectly direct you to the destination. Adding on to giving you step-by-step directions, Google Maps offers a feature called “Explore around you,” which gives users a list of suggested places to visit for a quick meal or drink. For some time the feature was only available to the U.S. and the UK but now Google has expanded this feature to five more countries, giving more of the world a way to discover new places. These countries include France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan. Looking for the perfect spot to eat and drink has never been easier.

Let’s say you are on a business trip out in Spain and the have finally let you off for a lunch break. With you being a tourist wandering around a foreign country in dire need a food, the ‘Explore around you’ feature will come in really handy. The feature can easily be access at the bottom of maps where you would simply tap the icon. From there you will be shown a quick look of what is nearby you all organized by category. As soon as you see something appealing or get tired of your stomach making weird noises in public, you can tap on it and swipe through photos and read through the rating. Maps will provide you will all the information you need to make the right choice whether is for quick bite or if you want to take the kids to a nice Italian restaurant.

The ‘Explore around you’ feature has been available to users since last year but only for US and UK residents. Now with 5 more countries added to the list, more people can enjoy this feature along with all of its latest updates that substantially improve the service. Photos and reviews were some of the updates added but a more recent one that was sent out during the holidays that allows users see when a store is really busy was added. If you plan on taking a trip to any of the 5 countries listed that have ‘Explore around you’ enabled, try it out for yourself and see what you come across on your travels.

Alphabet is the most valuable company in the world


For all of you Apple fanboys out there, get ready to buckle your seatbelts because the rocky slide for Apple’s decline may be starting. During Google’s earning call, the company has surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world. Alphabet, as the company has renamed itself, brought in 21.3 Billion in revenue. Analyst were expecting Alphabet to bring in $8.09 per share but the search giant eradicated those speculations making them the most valuable company in the world.

Apple’s decline in stock didn’t happen overnight, their numbers have been falling for quite a while. Alphabet on the other hand has slowly climbed to its peak. Many of us probably would have never guessed this day would happen but it was coming either way. Apple has a few tricks up its sleeve for the coming years, hopefully we’ll see hardware from the company that will keep its heart pumping. In the meantime Google (Alphabet) who is a software company with a little bit of hardware thrown in is still vulnerable to the foreign rate exchange and the global economy.

Via / TechCrunch