Just a few thoughts…


2015 was a good year. It was a learning experience and a great time. I met a lot of great people and I am glad to have run into them. 2016 will be a new year full of excitement and more learning. The goal is to never stop learning and to keep pushing forward because living in the past keeps you at bay.

My goals for the new year are simple. I plan to crack open more books, blog waaay more than usual, get a sponsorship as a skateboarder, and watch  my rap career flourish. Right now my list is looking tough but I never said that my goals would be easy. Theres so much in the world I need to get done right now its not even funny.

As long as I stay focused and keep going nothing can stop me.

~ Keep it all smiles

Oh’ But Thats None of My Business


I am so stoned right now I can’t even see straight. This has been one hell of a night. I don’t think I can handle drunk people in the future but oh well, I guess thats life. Thats no disrespect at all and I know people want to take it that way but really, it isn’t anything. Anyways its the beginning of the new year and moments like these make me dread whats coming up. I have these big dreams and goals of real live success and I know that its there I just have to grab it.

This entire time I feel like I have been playing but its all good, I’ll just have to keep pushing down the road full of rocks and what not. Yeah I know, such an odd thing to say but lets not get into all of that right now. At this point we all just need to roll a joint and get super stoned. I mean what else can we do right now? I bet all the people in upper management smoke weed. I mean why wouldn’t you. You work at a shitty place with a shitty job title, and you act like you like that?! Come ON!

Its people like McSwain that makes me mad because they talk as if UPS is the god of all jobs. Like no! If that was the case, why in the hell is Chelsea going to Ford? These are the brain washed money hungry people in life. They want you to feel like you are succeeding but there really using you. You got to think about it these days, these folks don’t play around with bullshit like they used to back in the day. These streets done got cold but the ice tea stay bold. Its just all preference.

But thats none of my business.

~ Keep it all smiles

I Flew Kites Into 2016 Ya Digs!

FullSizeRender (1)

Well guys we did it, another successful year down in the books. Now its time to celebrate and have a good time right? That could be a way to spend the first day of the new year but I would suggest something different. Let me suggest that we take another moment of reflection time and pull together a list of goals that we can complete this year. We have 365 days to build and grow our elves. We are more than what we seem and we should shoot for the stars when it comes to the schematics of this.

The first day of the new year must be the preparation period of which you use to plan and organize. Once the list is complete, hang it in a place where you are shown this list everyday. Day by day accomplish the small steps that lead to the top of each of the task pyramids. But its the new year and I know, we all want to drink and party. Well how about we just all drink and party with some good friends and make a mixtape or something. haha! (We actually did that tonight).

Happy New Years Guys! Hope that you have a splendid year and reach to the highest of mountains to obtain the real life valued gold.

ps. Lets Grow Together

~ Keep it all smiles