Endlessly By Haywyre Will Blow Your Mind

I made a post earlier this morning telling you guys about when I first discovered EDM. Now I just wanted to share with you Haywyre’s newest song entitled Endlessly. I just noticed that in the soundcloud description he posted some lyrics that are used in the song.

“For every step you take
A tangent is left in your wake
For every way you see
Blinded, yet infinitely
The spectrum of our time
Breaks from its shape of a line
Each instance proves to be
A moment reaching endlessly”

Endlessly is a really good song to vibe out to.

At least I think so.


~ Keep it all smiles

When I Discovered EDM


I started listening to EDM during the summer of 2014. The first song I ever heard was a song buy Haywyre entitled Everchanging. This is another reason of why I love weed, while I was listening to the song I was engulfed in to a spiritual journey in my head. The melodies of the song carried me away blissfully as I sat back and enjoyed the journey.

The next day when I awoke, I was excited to plug in my earbuds and jam those tunes again. But the question that daunted me was whether I would enjoy the music sober. I was in a rush to get up because I had to work with my dad so I didn’t get a chance to play it until I was on the job. Once I was there I played the last song from his album called “Voice of Reason.” From the begining instruments to the deep whiny voice repeatedly saying “Why don’t you listen to me?” I was hooked.

Listening to Haywyre alone and surfing soundcloud for more music opened a new door for me. A door that I never thought I would open. Now here I am a today sitting in my mothers car listening too Dichotomy by Haywyre.

Isn’t it crazy where life takes you?

~ Keep it all smiles