Comments Page…COMING BACK!

So, I know a few months ago I took down my comments page due to the amount of spam I was getting daily. Now I’m just like screw it and plan on returning the page. So maybe in a few days I’ll update my site with the comments page. 

Why do I plan on bringing it back?

Well I want feedback from people. I recall having maybe one comment giving me some good feedback. So I’m just gonna simply bring it back and call it a day.

Good Bye Comments Page

So I will be doing away with the comments page because there are so many damn bots out there spamming it with so much BS. I;m not sure who views my blog but thanks for reading my stuff. So if there is anything you want to say just leave it on my latest blog post. In the mean time, I’ll catch ya’ll on the flip side. I have a huge world to go adventure in. XD