Some Varieties Of Poop You Should Know Of

So my dad gives me this paper that he found while he was at work and this is what it says…

The king Poop = It doesn’t come until you’re all sweaty, trembling and purple from straining so hard.

Bali Belly poop = You poop so much you lose 5lbs.

Cement Block = You wish you’d gotten a spinal block before you poop.

Cork poop (Also Known as Floater Poop) = even after the third flush, its still floating in there. how do i get rid of it? this poop usually happens at someone else’s house.

The Bungee Poop = The kind of poop that just hangs off your real before it fall into the water.

The Crippler = the kind of poop where you have to sit on the toilet so long your legs go numb from the waste down.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang = The kind of pop that hits you when you’re trapped in your car in a traffic jam.

The Party Pooper = The giant poop you take at a party. And when you first flush the toilet, you watch in horror as the water starts to rise.